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A Guide to Fall Fest 2021

By Johanna Sommer

The flyer for Fall Fest 2021. Courtesy of The Stood. Designed by Lenore Hernandez.

Fall Fest is back tonight at the Stood for the first time since 2019, featuring performances by AJRadico, duendita, Cisco Swank, Spud Cannon, and GOLDEN. Music starts at 8pm, so grab your mask, Morecard, and friends and head to the Stood for a night of great music. Below is a brief rundown of the attending acts, giving you a chance to get excited for the first collection of off-campus musicians this semester.

AJRadico is a 22-year-old from Queens carving a path outside the popular drill music coming out of the city, instead focusing on curated production and sound design to compliment his high-pitched flow. His debut album, Transit, which was released in February, is partially composed of four of the five singles he has released since 2018. In an interview with Pigeons & Planes, he described his intention when making the album, saying: “I wanted to focus less on these trends and more in making something that completely derails that whole idea. It is about making timeless art.” Listen to Transit’s opener “Balcony” for a sample of his soothing layered vocals, and check out “Armor,” a single of his from 2019 and most popular track, as an example of the way AJRadico is pursuing rap’s counterculture of the moment.

duendita, who has been releasing music since 2014, has just concluded a month-long tour in support of their 2018 album direct line to My Creator and a variety of singles released since. Hailing from Queens, duendita’s sound is a hybrid of jazz, R&B, and soul music, championed by their weightless, crisp vocals. Listen to their most recent release, “bio,” from this past year for a glimpse into their cacophony of layered sound, as well as “One on One,” their 2014 piano lullaby that has amassed over five million Spotify streams.

Cisco Swank, the name Francisco Haye records under, is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, rapper, and producer from Brooklyn. He performed at last spring’s virtual Culture Shock festival and occasionally performs and collaborates with Purchase students, as shown in his music video for “Grey,” which came out this past Thursday. “Grey” is Haye’s most recent single and a good example of the jazz-influenced R&B he is making, as well as his only full-length release Pursuit Of, which is in collaboration with fellow R&B artist Tobias Kelly.

Spud Cannon is a five-piece band from Pittsburgh and fresh off the release of their third studio album Good Kids Make Bad Apples. They’re a band with an unmistakable sense of humor and joyous ease. They began as a group of strangers at Vassar College in 2016 and set out to make a version of “music you could dance to at a dormitory basement party.” Listen to “Juno,” one of the promotional singles from their most recent release for a glimpse at their optimistic indie rock. For fun there’s the debut album’s opener “Gary Oldman Presents Spud Cannon,” which is exactly what the title implies.

GOLDEN is the name Brooklyn-based Bailey Cooke records under, a classically trained pianist who makes a sort of alternative R&B-infused bedroom-pop. Cooke grew up in LA, and there seems to be a sunny quality to her work, most likely due to her use of synthesizers and drum machines, but maybe it is just the residue her band name leaves the listener with. GOLDEN has put out a handful of singles since 2019, the most recent of which is “Callus,” which serves as a good example of Cooke’s airy, experimental production.



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