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"As You Like It:" A Theatre Production Senior Project

By Mackenzie Pharaoh

"As You Like It" rehearsal, photo by Mackenzie Pharaoh

"As You Like It" is a romantic comedic play written by William Shakespeare and is being reinvented here at Purchase by a group of seniors for their senior project next month.

The group didn't choose this play at random, Grace Castle, the play’s director and a theatre and performance major said, “I wanted to work with a more classic Elizabethan show, I find there is more creative liberty with older shows.”

This show has a lot of modern day twists adding new music and gender swaps to the already comedic and hectic play. This play involves a romance with a girl named Rosalind who is looking for the love of her life Orland in the Forest of Arden.When she finds Orlando in the woods She decides to disguise herself as a boy shepherd.

The cast of "As You Like It" rehearsing, photo by Mackenzie Pharaoh

Tess Walsh, the dramaturg for the production said, “Rehearsals are going great. We have a really healthy work/show environment and a team that makes it all possible.” When starting this creative process Walsh said, “A little over a year ago Grace swirled around the idea of doing a Shakespeare show and I was like... I'm down.”

Walsh wants the Purchase students to take away from this production “a balance between patients and understanding for the queer community.” Walsh said, “We want people to laugh with us and have a big party with this show... Make people chuckle, I dare say.”

"As You Like It" rehearsal, photo by Mackenzie Pharaoh

While this production is Walsh and Castle’s senior project, they still have many Purchase students working to help them achieve their vision “In rehearsal we always want everyone to know that each person is more important than the show.” said Castle.

As Walsh progresses in their senior project journey, they want future students to remember the importance of taking a step back. “Don't take it too seriously, you don’t deserve to lose your mind over a theatrical production, have fun with it.” Walsh said, “You have the skills and you know what you're doing.”

"As You Like It" will be held on April 20, 21, and 22 at 4:30 p.m. Audience members will meet in front of the music building and be guided to the theatrical location.



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