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C.J. Hernandez: Our Mod March Student Style Highlight

By Sierra Petro

C.J. Hernandez's style is purely imaginative in his loud prints and coordinated looks. I met Hernandez in the laundry room of Big Haus when we connected over my 1960s dress, and he introduced himself as a mod.

Read about Hernandez's style below, what it means to be a mod today, and how you can incorporate mod style into your life.

I'd describe my style as the continental style: Western European and very sharp. It's sharp but colorful, and it's artsy but smart looking. I wouldn't describe my style as retro because I dress like this all the time. I like to be an individual.

When I first discovered mod as a fashion choice, it helped me realize the type of person I am. I'm very specific about what I'm wearing, and I want everything to match.

I realized that being mod wasn't just the clothes and that it was a lifestyle when I watched the movie "Quadrophenia" in high school. It made me realize that the mod lifestyle is very hedonistic.

To be a mod means that I dress smartly. Everything has to fit; clothes are tailored to you because it's individual.

When I'm shopping, I look for things that are slim. If they fit me well, I rock it, and if not, I get it tailored.

Two big mod fashion brands in the '60s were Ben Sherman and Fred Perry. After studying what mod clothing can look like through brands such as these, you can find mod pants, hats, and shoes at stores like H&M and Uniqulo.

Another important aspect of the mod lifestyle is music and the specific ways to dance to it. If this place was as empty as it was before, I'd probably show you a few moves.

It was a lot of American soul music, like rhythm and blues, Motown, and sometimes ska.

I'm inspired by the swinging mid '60s.

Aside from all that, a big thing was the scooter, or the riders. You can tell if a scooter is mod. Think of a vespa with a rack on the front, mirrors all over the place, maybe even a crash railing, and lights everywhere. A dream of mine is to have a Lambretta scooter.

The Print posts a Student Style Highlight on the last Monday of every month. Interested in nominating someone or yourself? Email our editor, Sierra, at!


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