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Club Fair

By Belle Martinelli

Purchase College Cheer Team, from left to right students Madison Caceres, Belle Wood, Hannah Christian and Desirae Smith (Photo by Belle Martinelli)

Even the rainy weather couldn’t stop eager students from gathering outside of Campus Center North for the Club Fair! The PSGA [Purchase Student Government Association] held their annual semester club fair on Wednesday, Sept. 13. Clubs ranging from cultural to comedy set up their tables, handed out freebies, and spoke with students. The walkway was packed with enthusiastic students pursuing the club tables, picking up snacks and flyers, and conversing with their friends.

Cultural clubs included Purchase favorites like SOCA [Students of Caribbean Ancestry], Latinos Unidos, HAPA [Humans of Asian and Polynesian Ancestry Club] and more. Students gravitated towards their tables, following the loud music and laughter.

Students milling around the packed walkway (Photo by Belle Martinelli)

Amidst all the chaos, the Outdoors Club was the picture of calm and collected, lounging on their printed blankets and painting students faces.

Robyn Graygor, right, painting students’ faces (Photo by Belle Martinelli)

“Outdoors club is a student-run club that helps to promote outdoor activities on campus,” said Vice President Robyn Graygor. The club organizes arts and crafts in nature, bike rides around the loop, and even hikes. They’re hoping to offer more experiences this year, like a campout and rock climbing.

Any other outdoorsy students may want to check out the Purchase Cross Country team. According to member Victor Vyssotski, they are looking for runners for both the men and women's teams.

For students who are homebodies, do not fret, there are clubs for you! You’ll fit right in at Game Club, Movie Club, Literature Club, the infamous Cheese Club, and many more.

Maverick Gazzillo, founder of Movie Club (Photo by Belle Martinelli)

Movie Club, started by Maverick Gazzillo, meets every other week on Wednesdays to have snacks and enjoy a film. Gazzillo, who used to host movie nights in Wayback last year, has been working since then to make this club official. The next film, “The Terminator,” will be shown this Wednesday, Sept. 20, at 8:30 p.m. in the Stood, with snacks provided.

“These last two club fairs we’ve worked, we’ve never seen this many people show up,” said Everett Currier, Purchase Game Club event coordinator. “Not only for an event like this but for us personally.”

Game Club, from left to right Ryan Massa, Kalijah Jones, Liv D’Elia, Jaden Cosme and Everett Currier (Photo by Belle Martinelli)

Comedy clubs come in every shape and size at Purchase. Along with their setup, Stand-up Club had a large cardboard box, that doubled as an interactive way for students to participate.

“This is a bit of interactive equipment we thought we could have for the club, where people can send in setups, punchlines, questions, whatever, we’ll try to give them a funny answer and hopefully it leads them to our signup,” said President Alex Bagglio.

Students were given notecards and crayons to write their ideas on, and could feed it through a slot at the bottom of the box, where a pair of hands would emerge and yank suggestion cards in.

Students interacting with Stand-up's suggestion box (Photo by Belle Martinelli)

Purchase Late Night and Improv Club are other great ways to get involved in the comedy scene on campus.

“[Improv] is a great way for people to come out of their shell, try something new, in a safe space where you don’t have to start right away,” said Andrew Alford, Improv Club president. “What you’re trying to do is break out of your shell!”

For a complete list of clubs, check out the Purchase website to find what suits you!



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