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Community on Wheels: Mobile Food Pantry

Photos by: Natalie Tulloch

On Wednesday, April 3, the mobile food pantry made its return to campus. The mobile food pantry allows students to get necessary food items for free, encouraging support from the community.

Students gather around the breezeway between the food pantry and Starbucks to pass out food items. (Photo by: Natalie Tulloch)

Students on line picking out food. (Photo by: Natalie Tulloch)

Some of the many food items offered at the pantry. (Photo by: Natalie Tulloch)

Students smile as they hold up items they got at the pantry. (Photo by: Natalie Tulloch)

More students lined up to get food from the pantry. (Photo by: Natalie Tulloch)

You can keep track of the next time the mobile food pantry will return, and track the food pantry hours by checking out @purchfoodpantry on Instagram.



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