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Cover Show Preview: Upfront With CALYPSO

By Nalini Savigne

Gordon Conner is a second-year music composition major from Trenton, New Jersey. Their most recent release,“Major Motion Monster," came out in October of 2022. CALYPSO’s unique style is heavily influenced by their professional work as a scare actor. Gordon’s assertion and confidence is integral to their online presence as an artist. Their most viral TikTok brought over 3 million viewers to the @lunar.calyps page to engage in conversations surrounding safety in the scare performance space. They are one of the headlining artists of the Purchase Cover Show this Friday 4/21.

Q: With horror being highly represented in popular media now, what has this done for your creative process and style?

CALYPSO: Horror movie soundtracks have always been fascinating to me, and the sort of high-pitched droning sounds, or low rumbling sounds that shake the entire theater…those are direct influences from horror soundtracks that I mention. The low droning sounds that make you feel something in your chest. That’s sort of what I try to invoke even with slower sounds.

Q: How do you gain inspiration when it comes to collaborating within the Purchase community?

CALYPSO: I guess it really varies from person to person…some people that go here, when I hear them, I think about making something with them immediately. That’s kind of how it happened for two of my songs with my friend Cody on “Suckers” in the first album and ‘Scream’ on "Major Motion Monster."

Read the full version of this Q&A in the Beat Issue #18, which will be distributed across campus Monday 4/24


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