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Create Your Own Vision

by Skye Saunders

Skye's Vision Board Instagram (screenshot via

After being in quarantine and stuck in the house for months, I decided to do something outside of the box. Since I enjoy helping others and wanted to uplift spirits during these uncertain times, it was only right to start my new business venture, Create Your Vision.

Create Your Vision is run through Instagram and I have people message me with requests for me to make them vision boards.

A vision board, sometimes also referred to as a dream board, is “a collage of images, pictures, and affirmations of one's dreams and desires, designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation.”

The steps on how I create someone’s vision board are not that complicated. First, the person sends me their ideas whether it’s goals, hobbies and future careers they envision for themselves. Second, I ask them what dimensions they want for the board, since it’s digitally done. After I get the correct size, I'd ask them if they would like their boards on their phones, laptops or even tablets.

When all of these steps are completed, the boards are ready to be sent out. A few people that I’ve made boards for are Laila Cannold, Jordan Gibberman and Laila Wilson.

”It’s amazing,” Cannold said. “I was shocked about how great of a job you did.”

“In five years from now, I see my vision board come in handy in the aspects of my interests and utilize those interests in my life moving forward,” said Cannold.

When he saw how Cannold’s board came out, Gibberman requested a board to be made.

“When you first told me about the account I immediately followed it and gave it a shoutout,” said Gibberman. “I was very happy for you as a good friend and thought it was very nice of you to do that for every one of us!”

He added, “When you created my board it was such an amazing feeling to a point when I put it as my home screen background for my computer. It means a lot to me to have this vision board & to see it every day on my computer!”

He uses this vision board as motivation towards becoming a journalist in the future.

“5 years from now I see this board as a good way to reflect on the career path I choose in journalism and of course continuing to keep my music background alive!” said Gibberman

Wilson’s, who’s majoring in playwriting and screenwriting, vision board inspired her to pursue more of what 2020 still has to offer and her future self.

Wilson said, “My vision board definitely makes me reflect on how much things changed throughout 2020. Some of my hobbies on the board, such as thrifting and traveling, have been completely eradicated for me. The board brings back nostalgia in some ways.”

She added, “This has been my best academic year for my major in playwriting and screenwriting, so it is uplifting to see my major on there and knowing I grew a lot since then and in five years, it will be about my success with writing and production.”

Don’t forget to follow @_createyourvision on Instagram and if you're interested in having a personal board feel free to contact me!


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