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Fall 2020 Special Reporting: A Preface

By Jordan Meiland

Starting tomorrow, The Beat will be running four special pieces that our staff have worked on over the course of the Fall 2020 semester.

Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, this semester was quite different from years past. Many of us (myself included) stayed home and learned remotely through Zoom, Moodle, and other online platforms. Those of us that lived and learned on campus adhered to strict safety guidelines and procedures to keep one another safe.

I’m endlessly proud of Marcia, Gabrielle, and Cooper for the pieces they’ve written. Journalism, a field that relies heavily on collaboration, interaction, and research with others, is not easy to execute under these conditions. Their dedication to the craft and drive to report is nothing short of admirable, especially under these circumstances.

Additionally, I want to thank Professor Marshall Fine, our faculty advisor, for all he’s done. His knowledge, advice, and commitment to us these last few months is highly appreciated.

On behalf of The Beat, we can’t wait to share these pieces with all of you.


Jordan Meiland, Editor-In-Chief



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