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First Ever Stood Flea Market a Success

By: Jordan Meiland

A potential buyer assesses the items for sale. (Photo by Jordan Meiland).

A flea market was held Sunday afternoon at The Stood, drawing student vendors and buyers alike.

The flea market was labeled as a “very chill version of Zine Feast (a semesterly event where students can sell things),” according to The Stood’s Instagram.

A solid selection of products ranging from clothing to jewelry to original art were up for sale from multiple student vendors set up on the floor.

Some vendors, like Briana Bartenieff, a Theater and Performance Major, offered a single type of product. At her blanket, a variety of vibrant earrings were laid out, ready to be bought. Bartenieff said that one of her hobbies was jewelry making, which is why she decided to come and sell at the flea market.

One trio of students set up their shops in one location. Anisa Hodzic, a Film Major, Hayden Nork, an Arts Management Major and Carmela Lara, a Creative Writing Major, all sold their products on the same blanket. When asked what motivated them to sell, Hodzic explained how they have a surplus of things and “the right thing to do is get rid of it.”

The event also made some buyers think about being a vendor themselves. Lydia Williams, a Cinema Studies Major with friends selling, said while she didn’t consider selling before, being at the event had made her consider selling.

The flea market was announced just twelve days earlier on The Stood’s Instagram account. According to The Stood’s post on Instagram, the flea market will take place the last Sunday of every month.



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