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Get to Know the Performers at Culture Shock ‘24

By Billy Arrowsmith

This year’s Culture Shock music festival theme is Botanica. For this year's last great Stood concert, students are excited to gather and celebrate the end of the school year with a phytological array of up-and-coming acts. All flower children are welcome, as long as you have a student ID or an approved guest wristband. We put together a primer to help you familiarize yourself with these performers before seeing them live. This guide should give you an idea of what to expect from each artist and where to start if you want to check out their music. You can also check out our Culture Shock ‘24 Primer playlist on Spotify. 

MAIN STAGE, DAY 1: Friday 4/26

(Photo by Olivia Klegraefe)

8:00 p.m. -- DOGS ON SHADY LANE

Description: Dogs on Shady Lane self-describes as an indie rock band blending elements of fuzz folk and slow-core. The group was formed in 2018 by songwriter/guitarist Tori Hall and also includes multi-instrumentalist Evan Weinstein (guitar/synth/vox), SUNY Purchase comedy legend Calder Mansfield (bass/vox), and New York percussionist Grace Goss (drums) as of 2020. They are most active in the Providence and Brooklyn scenes. In a review of their recent EP “The Knife,” music writer Cassidy Sollazzo described them as “pulling from all sections of the Feelings Wheel to create songs that can soundtrack everything from your next rage room to a contemplative winter night by the fireplace” … “the perfect blend of grunge, punk, jazz, and folk.”

Songs to Check Out: Cole St., March, 18

Where to Look Them Up: DOSL @

(Photo by Jessica Gurewitz)

9:00 p.m. -- HELLO MARY

Description: Hello Mary is a grunge / indie-rock three piece band based in NYC consisting of guitarist/vocalist Helena Straight, drummer/vocalist Stella Wave and bassist Mikaela Oppenheimer. Tia Ho of KEXP said “Harnessing elements of shoegaze, indie, and alt-rock, the Brooklyn trio’s dense soundscapes nod to the ‘90s while simultaneously embracing distinct modernism. It’s no surprise that their grungy, high-fuzz rippers have been collecting acclaim from names that have shaped the contours of good rock music – but they’re not just a band’s band despite being students of the past, entrenched in the rigor of bygone scenes. Hello Mary are instantly accessible, refreshingly singular, and their music immediately quenches that ever-present thirst for catharsis.” 

Where to Look Them Up: Hellomaryband @

(Photo by Rosi Music Photography)

10:00 p.m. -- L’RAIN

Description: L’Rain is a Brooklyn-based experimental pop artist and multi-instrumentalist composer known for genre-blurring performances. Her three previous critically acclaimed albums have been given labels as varied as avant-garde rock, neo-psychedelia, post-punk, distorted shoegaze, free jazz, gospel, soul, folk, avant-pop, dream pop, orchestral pop, and disco. Even prepared with that knowledge her live performances will probably still offer something unexpected. In her own words: “For me, the record is like the ‘urtext.’ Everything is based on that document, and then the live show is an opportunity to completely re-envision the songs and open up the process a bit more to the band. I collaborate a lot but all of the studio material comes from my writing and I play most of the instruments. So the live show is an opportunity for my friends to bring pieces of themselves into the music.” 

Where to Look Them Up: L’rain @

(Photo by Steve Gerrard)

11:00 p.m. -- JORDAN WARD

Description: Jordan Ward is a St. Louis born and raised R&B performer, singer, songwriter, and MC. His career began as a full-time professional dancer touring with artists like Becky G and Justin Bieber before transitioning into releasing his own music. The era of “24/7 lofi hiphop beats to study/relax to” has given us a lot of artists with soothing Nyquil voices whose work could function equally as a sedative. Ward manages to subsume you with that soul-outside-your-body chill, while making music that still has you getting up to dance. In a rave review of his recent debut album FORWARD, Jacob Feinberg of Vinyl said “His joyful melodies and rhythms, partnered with a wavy ambiance, bring a fresh and inviting feel to his music, making it perfect for relaxing and easy listening. When Ward’s music comes on I can’t help but bob and bounce around no matter the theme.” 

Where to Look Them Up: 

MAIN STAGE, DAY 2: Saturday 4/27

(Photo by Khalid Riley)

8:00 p.m. -- MAREKO

Description: Mareko is a New Jersey artist whose work ranges between alt-rock and hip hop. She is also known by her alter-ego / producer tag Bby Malachite, referencing the powerful fusion from Steven Universe. Her aesthetic style is loaded with anime influences, nerdy deep cuts, and retro internet visuals. Unlike many artists who might be dismissed with the label “nerdcore” her geeky references are never a crutch for lazy music or pandering lyrics. They add depth to intimate songwriting that’s always exploring new sonic frontiers. 

Where to Look Them Up: Mareko @

(Photo by NME)

9:00 p.m. -- CLAUD

Description: Claud Mintz (they/them) is a Chicago singer-songwriter known for a bedroom pop sound and soul-bearing lyrics. Their soft but energetic love songs have become especially popular for themes exploring queer identity and sexuality. Currently they are signed to Phoebe Bridgers’ record label Saddest Factory Records. In their own words, they make “the type of music that goes well with a late night snack.” 

Where to Look Them Up:

(Photo by 20)

10:00 p.m. -- CASH COBAIN

Description: Cash Cobain, self-described Slizzy God, is a Bronx rapper and producer who’s gained notoriety with his iconic tag – “and this beat from Cash, not from YouTube.” His sample-intensive drill sound, laidback flow, and unapologetically sexual lyrics have made him stand out as he starts defining a persona and pursuing his own solo work. In his own words: “I feel like my alter ego is Slizzy, and he just took over. They calling me the horniest rapper, I gotta live up to that name.” 

Songs to Check Out: Dunk Contest, Fisherrr, JHOLIDAY

Where to Look Them Up:

(Photo by Tom Newton)

11:00 p.m. -- RAVYN LENAE

Description: Ravyn Lenae is an R&B singer-songwriter from Chicago whose recent debut album HYPNOS was one of Pitchfork’s Best Albums of 2022. She is a member of Smino’s Zero Fatigue musical collective, has toured with artists like SZA and Noname, and worked extensively with producer Steve Lacy. Her style has been described as alternative R&B, neo soul, electro-jazz, punk-funk, chamber pop, and ambient hip hop. Describing the inspiration for her album’s title, Lenae says: “Basically, it’s about a Greek god that puts people in this trance-like state and travels through dreams and like sends messages through dreams, and I feel like my music does that in a way. I would like to think of my music that way, as kind of trance-inducing and hypnotic in certain ways.” Her live sets are a transcendental experience. 

Where to Look Them Up:



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