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How Arianna Pappas Makes Purchase More Musical

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

By: Jordan Gibberman

Arianna Pappas poses in WPSR.(Photo by: Jordan Gibberman)

Arianna Pappas, 19, is currently a sophomore in the Purchase Conservatory of Music

studying studio composition. She is also a singer and songwriter from Long Island, N.Y.

“I have been pretty much singing throughout my whole life,” Pappas said. “I have been doing covers and writing my own songs since I was 14.”

Pappas has performed in many events for various occasions. She sang The Star-Spangled

Banner at sporting events on and off campus. In addition, she has performed at open-mic-nights at Purchase, doing covers and original songs.

“While my songs have yet to be released, I have played a lot of them at open mics,” said Pappas.

Other events include performances at colleges such as Hofstra University, Farmingdale State College, and Suffolk County Community College.

Her taste in music mainly focuses on pop and country; she centers her songs on daily life experiences and the people around her. She also finds inspiration from artists such as Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert. 

Pappas made it to the music conservatory in the Spring 2019, and has so far been enjoying it.

“It’s awesome! I love the program and getting to work with incredibly talented classmates,” Pappas said. “All the classes I am taking have taught me so much about music I did not know before, and it is extremely educational for me.” 

Her friends and classmates all enjoy her music and talent.

“I think she is extremely talented,” said Alex Isaacson, a sophomore studying arts management. “She knows how to write deep and fun songs with a wildly powerful voice.”

Isaacson, who’s also a musician, has helped her record demos of her songs on a few occasions, and he described his feelings about her songs.

“I would listen to them on a long car ride or on a nice walk somewhere,” Isaacson said. “Either live or recorded she manages to capture a heartwarming sound with songs that will hook you in.” 

Pappas’s friends at Purchase admire her and like being friends with her.

“I met her really early last year before classes started, so I’ve known her for a long time,” said Logan Friedman, a sophomore in the jazz program of the music conservatory. “I was one of the people encouraging her to audition and wishing her luck.”

Another friend of hers is Britney DiTocco, who’s also in the music conservatory. While DiTocco barely gets to hang out with her or see her in classes, she still likes her personality and her music talent.

“She is incredibly sweet and talented,” DiTocco said. “I really hope to hang out with her more as time goes on.” 

There are many goals that Pappas wants to achieve at Purchase and throughout her music journey. One of them is continuing to sing the national anthem on campus or anywhere they

need her. She has even been learning the Canadian National Anthem and wants to perform that as well.

“I want to keep going to open mics and writing more songs,” Pappas said. “I also want to release my music to all streaming platforms.” 

If anyone wants to check out Pappas’ music, she has a radio show at WPSR on Thursdays at 6 p.m. and you can visit her website:



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