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Inside Einstein’s Bagels: The Life of Randy Avila

By Emma Rose

Michelle Cueto ordering at Einstein’s (Photo by Emma Rose)

Here at SUNY Purchase, Einstein’s Bagels is a campus favorite. Walking into Einstein’s Bagels you’re encountered with neutral colors and a touch of mustard yellow surrounding you-- plus, some portraits of bagels. But the workers are more than serving you. They’re sending you positive vibes throughout your day. Randy Avila is a popular employee here at Einstein’s Bagels.

Avila, 33, is always happy to take your order and greet you with a smile. Avila came back to work at Einstein’s after the pandemic and was happy to see this environment again. He likes seeing his daily customers and enjoys the small talk he has with them.

What most students may not know is that in addition to working at Einstein’s, he has a side business. During all of Avila’s free time with the pandemic, he developed his own clothing line called “Random New York.” Avila described himself as an all-around artist who does art on the side and likes to make music.

“Working here at Einstein’s, I can say that it’s motivated me to continue my passion just because this is an art school, so I feel that I connect with a lot of artists here,” said Avila.

When Avila was in sixth grade, he said that’s when he started to realize he loved music and fashion. “I remember I used to dress very nerdily, and I was pretty awkward back then. But I broke out of my shell when this girl told me I was cute, and I realized that I didn’t have to be this shy little boy.” This compliment gave Avila the confidence to know what he could do, and that was to dress more fashionably.

Einsteins Bagels of all the different kinds of bagels they have (Photo by Emma Rose)

Einstein’s Bagels is always busy and filled with people catching up with each other. “He’s very approachable, friendly, and cool. Usually, I’m nervous to speak to anyone but he makes it easy to speak with,” freshman Michelle Cueto, a daily customer, said.

Emmi Pearce, a freshman, says she goes in every morning and gets the “All-Nighter,” which is a breakfast sandwich that includes a cheesy hash brown, gourmet bagel with American cheese, bacon, cage-free eggs, and a jalapeno garlic aioli. “He always takes my order, he’s very nice and always has a smile on his face,” said Pearce.

While Avila grew up with a large number of people, he’s learned to always have an open mind. Avila grew up in South Bronx, New York, and has five siblings. He explained how it’s always good to have someone to talk to.

“Everybody’s in their own world, so I’ve learned to gain perspective and understand them,” said Avila. With working at Einstein’s, his clothing line, and being a part of a big family, he explained how important it is to cherish yourself. “Take breaks to learn more about yourself, you discover yourself throughout those college years,” says Avila.

Today, Avila lives in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and cherishes the time he gets to work on his clothing line. He likes working at Einstein’s and, “The people [he] works with are like family,” said Avila. But having his own clothing line makes him feel that he can accomplish anything.

Graphic tee-shirt from Avila’s clothing line (Photo by Randy Avila)

When asked to describe himself, the words Avila chose were “passionate and driven.” With everything Avila has done in the past two years, he says he has grown into his own person.

“Follow your own mind, it’s never too late to figure out where you’re going in life, and always ask questions,” said Avila.



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