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Jump! Right Into the New Semester!

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

By Jennifer Ward

Jump Off took place in The Stood Sept. 9 (Photo via @the.stood on Instagram)

This past Friday Purchase College opened a student favorite location on campus, The Stood, for the first time this semester. Returning students got to experience The Stood in a whole new way, meanwhile, freshmen and transfer students got to experience The Stood for the first time.

The jump-off party was hosted by HAPA (Humans of Asian and Polynesian Ancestry Club), LU (Latinx Unidos), QPOC (Queer People of Color), and SOCA (Students of Caribbean Ancestry) at The Stood on Sept. 9. Many students, new and old, were in attendance. The event was an ending to welcome week – a series of events hosted the past two weeks to encourage students to get to know each other, as well as get reacquainted after the summer break.

“I just love the performances that get everybody hyped,” said sophomore dance major, Elliana Marlier. Featuring performances by favorites of the student body like Fusion X, a popular student-run dance team as well as other student bands, fill The Stood with entertainment.

“The Stood seems like it will provide such a great space for the campus, my friends and I are definitely going to love going to events together,” said Emma Musial, a freshman viola performance major.

Students dancing to DJ Ocross (Photo by Emma Musial)

Although the event seemingly went off without a hitch, students had some notes. “I think it would be good for the Stood to focus less on what just the clubs want and to ask the students what they would be interested in seeing besides the main Stood parties,” said Marlier. Freshman acting major, Nora Healy, said, “It was great but sometimes the music wasn’t super fun.” There is a forum on Facebook called “Who do you want to see at the Stood?,” where students can post requests.

A common highlight for students is when other students have a chance to perform. Such as when students always go crazy when popular groups such as Fusion X perform. With students requesting future performances from groups such as BLACKHEARTZ, a student-run dance group, and Bird Week, a student-run band, many more performances are hoped to be seen in the future.

The night had an unexpected turn when an unauthorized student jumped on the stage. “It seemed out of control at some points,” said Marlier.

The hosts promptly told the student to leave the stage, as only the hosts are allowed on The Stood stage unless given prior permission or specifically asked to by a staff member during the party. The student did leave the stage, but not before flexing their arms.

The crowds' frustration was displayed when they kept their middle fingers up until the music resumed. “It was crazy so much was happening at once! I just hope everything’s okay,” said Musial.

The Stood is already planning new events for the year and students are encouraged to stay up to date on The Stood's Instagram: @the.stood. If you missed this event, there will be plenty more to catch in the future.


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