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PSGA Election Results

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

By Stephen DiFiore

PSGA logo. Via Facebook

Three things in life are certain: death, taxes, and low turnout PSGA elections. Students were allowed to vote for their representatives in the PSGA for the upcoming year on Pantherlink over the weekend. Now that the polls are closed, here are the results.

350 students voted in the election. This number is higher than last year's count of 215 but lower than the two years preceding it, each of which had over 500 student ballots cast.

President: Liv Cocozza

Vice President: Rosie Evans

Chair of Senate: Charlie Caspari

Coordinator of Finance: John Sullivan

Coordinator of Clubs and Organizations: Jess Gambino

Student Activities Coordinator: Evan Liu

Coordinator of Public Affairs: Mina Bunch

Sustainability Coordinator: Robert Bertolacci

Senators for Liberal Arts and Sciences: No contest

Senators for School of the Arts: Halima Konteh



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