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My Experience as a Social Media Intern

by Skye Saunders

The Career Development Center Instagram

In the spring semester of my sophomore year, I received a great opportunity to work as a social media intern at the Career Development Center. This experience inspired me and confirmed my interest in social media marketing and advertising.

I worked at the CDC with three other interns. As a team, we worked together on social media postings including “Motivational Monday’s,” “Student Tuesday’s,””What’s up Wednesday’s,” “Tips/Tricks Thursday’s” and “Fun Fact Friday’s.”

While working on posting for student Tuesday’s, we would post students on campus, particularly those who were doing things that had a uniqueness about them.

For tips/tricks Thursday, we would advise students with some inside tricks that can benefit their academic studies.

On each day’s post, it was hashtag with things such as #career, #success, #motivation, #purchasecollege, and #students. We also used a social media template app called Canva to post our flyers for our story highlights on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. These various social media platforms allowed students, staff, and faculty to check out and explore Purchase CDC pages and to stay connected with each other.

Along with the postings on Instagram, we also created some story highlights. I took the initiative to create the highlights in categories that match what was prompted and used our logo as a picture to represent each category.

The skills I’ve learned from this experience prepared me to grow my own business on social media which is my food blog, Inspire N Eat. This experience allowed me to explore and focus on other areas of journalism besides writing articles. It helped me tap into a new craft of promotion and creating social media ads.

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