Night of Originals: In Photos

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Photos and Article by: Jordan Meiland

Night of Originals, a concert put on by the Arts Management Club, took place at The Stood’s main stage.

With eleven acts, there was something for everyone. The event started at 8:00 Friday night and ended early Saturday morning. With acts ranging from solo country singers to seven-piece jazz bands, there was something for everyone.

“We had a lot of people trying to sign up,” said Sandro Gurdzhua, President of the Arts Management Club. “I want to have it each semester.”

Below are photos from the show.

Sienna Rae Kupris

From Left: Dillon Ailloud, Alexander Hippert and Luciano Catalfomo

Mark (Terrel) Germain

Zach Silverberg and Becky Crosby

Amelia Sasson

Emma Steen

Sandro Gurdzhua

Vicious Summer. From Left: Alex Isaacson, Sam Aronoff and Jack Zuckerberg

Vicious Summer

Ash McMillan

From Left: Eric Stein, Marty Scott and Lee Altsher-Wood

From Left: Lee Altsher-Wood, Grace Goss, Ash McMillan and Logan Maxwell

Zack Silverberg

Britney DiTocco

Augystine. From Left: Matt Marin, Brittney DiTocco, Jakob Rush and Greg Vance

Matt Marin


Arianna Pappas

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