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Paint and Mocktails

by Leah Dwyer

(Image via Leah Dwyer)

Paint ‘N Mocktailz took place on April 9 on the Great Lawn. The event was hosted by Jone’t Wright (@iam.nve on Instagram).

The event provided paintbrushes, easels, canvas, paint and drinks. Wright is a painting instructor in Harlem and a Purchase alum. She describes her art as abstract and alien-esc and that her art has no boundaries.

Students Painting out on the Lawn (Image via Leah Dwyer)
Students Painting out on the Lawn (Image via Leah Dwyer)

Jone’t Wright: Original Art (Image via Leah Dwyer)

Wright brought one of her art pieces to teach to the class. Attendees had the option to follow along or paint on their own. If they were following the art, they were also encouraged to put their own spin on the original art.

Christopher Finley (Image via Leah Dwyer)

Finley is an art major but not a painter. He said he kind of knows some stuff but wanted to come to the event to have some fun.

Siobhan Petersen (Image via Leah Dwyer)

Petersen said that the original painting reminded them of a makeup look they had already done. They wanted to try something new and fish-like, using the Shape of Water as inspiration.

Briana Padgett (Image via Leah Dwyer)

Padgett said she just wanted to make it as crazy as she possibly could.

Sarahfina Cunningham (Image via Leah Dwyer)

Cunningham said she liked the original art. She wanted to try it with her own twist and see where she could go with it.

Bing Qian (Image via Leah Dwyer)


Qian wanted more alien, creepy vibes for her painting. She thought the eye on the chest was cool, and just went crazy.

Kian Ta (Image via Leah Dwyer)

Ta is a painting major. He decided to go in his own direction and thought it would be fun to just come and paint.

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