Photos from NYPIRG's Campaign Kickoff

Phoenix reporter Brian Ponte was at NYPIRG's Campaign Kickoff on Wednesday Sept. 12 in the Commuter Lounge in CCN. Here are some photos from the night.

Students from all walks of life gathered for NYPIRG’s Campaign Kickoff last Wednesday. The night included an open mic, keynote addresses, and pizza and was open to all students.

Throughout the night, NYPIRG members spoke on the importance of student activism. (Pictured above: Purchase NYPIRG Project Coordinator Elisabeth Lareau)

NYPIRG board members Jess Gambino (left) and Charlie Caspari (right) discussed some of the organization's plans for the coming semester.

NYPIRG supervisor and keynote speaker Kevin Dugan called on students to become involved in issues affecting their communities.

Following the keynote address, students engaged in an open discussion regarding some of the more pressing issues of the day.

Students also discussed times when they themselves have faced some kind of discrimination or injustice.

The spirited discussion lasted about a half hour, culminating with pizza and live performances by students.

Preceding and following the discussion, an open mic offered artistically inclined students the opportunity to perform.

Acts included acapella singers, guitarists, and poets.

The night was capped off by a stirring rendition of “Ripped My Pants” from Spongebob Squarepants.

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PSGA Bylaws (August 2018), Student Bill of Rights, Section B. Freedom of Speech, Press and Inquiry

Neither the student government nor any faculty or administrative person or board shall make a rule or regulation or take any action which abridges students’ freedom of speech, press or inquiry, as guaranteed Constitutional rights as citizens of the United States. Students of the campus are guaranteed:

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