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Plus Size Fashion Market Favorites

By Sierra Petro

Fashion that was both comfortable and fashionable filled the plus-size fashion market, hosted by the blogger Liz Black. The event took place at the City Point Shopping Center in Downtown Brooklyn. Scroll through some of our favorite booths below and meet the event’s curator.

“Plus size women want to try things on. This is the second market, and it gives plus size women and brands a chance to connect,” said curator Liz Black. She advocates for body positivity on her blog P.S. It’s Fashion, and writes about fashion and beauty for publications like Bustle and Refinery 29. (Photo by Sierra Petro)

What attracted us to Plus Brooklyn’s booth was the vintage dresses, which are tricky to find in larger sizes. Loud patterns and colors filled the rack pictured. (Photo by Sierra Petro)

This printed shirt by Tamara Malas has a custom pattern. The brand, which launched in October, had its marketing director on-hand. She told us, “The brand is all about quality add-on pieces.” (Photo by Sierra Petro)

Shop the brand’s pieces on their site… the first collection dropped yesterday! This piece from Tamara Malas’ new line Feeling Feelings is a sweater made from llama wool, and it has a fun rainbow zipper. (Photo by Sierra Petro)

“Automic Gold is the first and only plus size fine jewelry brand,” said co-creator and metalsmith Alena Sandimirova. The brand can be shopped at its retail location in Manhattan or online. (Photo by Sierra Petro)

“Show expression, that’s what they want to see,” Alena (left) joked to her model. The rings modeled go from the straight size of a two up to a 16. (Photo by Sierra Petro)

Ulga Caro, the founder of Alpine Butterfly, set the vibe for her California-based swimwear brand’s booth with candles, flowers, and pink suitcases. The former model had the idea for her brand while shopping with her niece for bathing suits. She realized how limited the selection was. “I started by working with fit models when designing, because so many brands don’t fit pieces to a woman’s curves,” said Caro. (Photo by Sierra Petro)

The absence of luxury plus size brands led Jeff Cafone to create All 67. The brand’s name holds true to a statement advertised throughout the market. 67 is in reference to the 67 percent of women who are plus size in America. The wool blazers above are lined with shades of silk. (Photo by Sierra Petro)

The brand advertises “jackets for life,” and the feel of the leather jackets with rabbit fur above solidified this statement to us. (Photo by Sierra Petro)

Do you have any plus-size fashion locations you like to shop? Share them in the comments or join the conversation on our Facebook page (@purchaseprint).


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