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Preview the SOCA Fashion Show Designers

By Sierra Petro

The SOCA (club for Students of Caribbean Descent) fashion show is on Saturday, and The Print has rounded up three of the designers to give you a sneak-peak.

All the designers presenting at the show were scouted by the club executives on Instagram and are not Purchase students. Scroll through for a preview of the brands' vibes and what to expect them to serve up at the show (4:00-6:00 p.m. in the Humanities lobby).

Glam swimwear by Xera Agana, featuring the brand's signature thin straps. (Photo courtesy of Agana's Instagram page)

How I learned to sew:

I'm self-taught. I used to deconstruct vintage pieces to learn patterns and then reconstruct them.

In the family:

My mom owned a clothing story in Brooklyn when I was younger on Nevins Street. Growing up, my favorite activity was dress-up. I had a huge container of things I made or outfits from my mom.

Love for glam:

I think you could wear the glam pieces in my collection casually or dress them up.

I want you to feel like a goddess in an

Agana piece; I want you to stand out.

Practical glam-wear:

All my swimwear is glam, and the pieces have really thin straps for thinner tan lines.


I’m a very spiritual person. I get a lot of ideas in my dreams, and I’ll wake up and start creating. I dreamt the yellow piece I created for Brooklyn Fashion Week. The only Instagram page I get Inspiration from is @virgomoon. The page is all throwbacks, and I like a lot of those cuts.

A dress from Xera Agana's new collection presented at Brooklyn Fashion Week. The dress was envisioned by the brand's designer, Agana, in her sleep. (Photo courtesy of Agana's Instagram page)

What to look for at the show:

For this collection, I played with trending colors. There will be some lace-up bustiers, sets, and slip dresses. There will also be some streetwear, but I call it luxury loungewear because the pieces are made of silky textiles.

Price range:

Prices range from $70 for a top to $600 for a gown.



Skunt Stitch two-toned sweatshirts. Hanging stitching, like on the piece on the right, will be shown at Saturday's show. (Photo courtesy of the brand's Instagram page)

How I got into designing:

In ninth grade I used to play ball a whole lot, and I just wanted something different. I took a sewing class to see what it was about, and coincidentally my grandma had an old sewing machine I could use.

The name:

Fast forward to when I graduated, I was going to parties and would get dressed up. I was like, "People be coming in here looking cozy; I'm tired of this." I started ordering hoodies, but I couldn't just come out in a regular hoodie. That's how the stitch came along. My name was already Skunt since tenth grade. The name became Skunt Stitch because it's more about the stitch than anything.


My inspiration comes from artwork that relates to my cultural background. I go to a lot of galleries, and in terms of music, I start off with Marvin Gaye, but if I'm in the mood to be like, "Ay," then it's Chief Keef or Young Thug.

How my brand has evolved:

I know the brand has evolved since when I started in 2016, because the pieces I'm showing at the fashion show won't be hoodies or cozy-wear.

What to look for at the show:

The pieces I'm showing at Purchase are going to be fun and colorful with crazy cuts and a lot of writing and embroidery. There will be pieces with hanging stitching that looks like it's incomplete, but that's how it goes. It's going to be very Skunty.

Price range:

Prices for hoodies range from $35 for a cropped hoodie to $80 for a completely custom design.



Liu Sal models vary in gender and background. The brand's designer, Tony, finds his models through Instagram. (Photo courtesy of the Liu Sal Instagram page)

How I got my start:

My whole life I used to be in the streets; I used to sell drugs. In 2014, I caught six A1 felonies, and from that day I realized I couldn't keep doing the same thing. That encouraged me to pursue my passion for fashion.


I started a program, called Mastered: Emerging Designers, which is a mentoring service for emerging brands. We help brand owners build their brands from the inside, out while completing a course.

The name:

Liu Sal stands for, “Love Is Universal Strive Achieve Longevity”. The brand encompasses taking all my negative energy and turning it into something positive.

Advice for other artists:

When I first started, I thought I had to keep designing and creating new ideas. I'd end up not focusing on the product because I wanted to create a whole line. This was a mistake. Rappers keep making new songs, but once they have that one hot song, they focus on it. Just because you don't blow up that first time doesn't mean you shouldn't keep putting in the time and effort.

The customer:

The Liu Sal customer is bold, youthful, a vibrant person, an entrepreneur, and somebody on the go.

Price range:

Prices range from $45 for a t-shirt to $200 for snow boots.



The Purchase Print will be photographing the event, so come serving a look for a chance to be featured on the site.


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