PSGA Senate Passes Elevator Safety Resolution

By Stephen DiFiore

Senators meet in the Presidential Conference Room in the Student Services Building.

At its weekly meeting on Feb. 27, the Student Senate of the PSGA passed a resolution which requests that Facilities do more to ensure elevator safety in residential elevators.

The resolution’s primary co-sponsors were Senators Bridget Martin (FA) and Donyae McCray (LAS). The resolution originally only mentioned the Fort Awesome elevator, but an amendment by Senator Nicholas Astor (OB) would include the Outback and CCN elevators as well.

While pitching the resolution, McCray, who lives in Fort Awesome, said, “When it comes to living in Fort Awesome … there’s been a numerous amount of problems.”

One aspect of the resolution asks for signage near the elevators to inform students of proper safety procedures and etiquette, such as not holding the doors open for too long.

McCray said that holding the doors open for too long can cause the elevator to malfunction. The purpose of the signage is to ensure that students are aware of all the proper safety procedures.

“It’s not just Facilities' fault. It’s partially students’ fault too,” McCray said. “ If we can’t follow the rules, things will just be messed up.”

Martin said that the signs would simply say what students need to do “to stop the breaking.”

As for Facilities' responsibilities, the resolution requests that Facilities make an effort to inspect each of the three elevators once per day to ensure that they are working properly. While this only acts as a recommendation, senators said that one quick inspection every day would go a long way to ensuring the safety of students.

The resolution passed with little debate.

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PSGA Bylaws (August 2018), Student Bill of Rights, Section B. Freedom of Speech, Press and Inquiry

Neither the student government nor any faculty or administrative person or board shall make a rule or regulation or take any action which abridges students’ freedom of speech, press or inquiry, as guaranteed Constitutional rights as citizens of the United States. Students of the campus are guaranteed:

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