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Puppies Take over Purchase

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

By: Meghan Moynihan

Freshman Madeleine Cucullu peacefully snuggled up with a pup. (Photo by Meghan Moynihan)

At this point in the semester, it seems like everyone could use a little bit of a break, and what better way to relieve stress than by playing with puppies! The furry friends came to campus this Wednesday with the task of brightening up the days of some stressed-out students, and boy did they succeed.

The event was a collaboration between the Psychology Club, Hillel, and the Wellness Center. Small groups of students sat criss crossed on the ground of the wellness center, each group making a circle around two pups. Students giggled as they watched the puppies play together, struggling over one little bone. Then the pups were passed person to person, everyone getting the opportunity for a snuggle.

Two puppies playing with their toys, as an audience of students laugh. (Photo by Meghan Moynihan)

The dogs were a great way to cheer everyone up, however some questioned how thrilled the dogs were. Did they have as good of a time as the students?

"As much as I love puppies, it would be really nice if they got all of the dogs from the shelter and brought them over," Vicktor Bueno suggested. "A lot of the dogs from shelters don't get as much attention and playtime, we have enough people here to play with them."

Students left the event smiling ear to ear, feeling just a little bit less stressed. Samantha Pensiero, a student from the VA said, "I have a lot of anxiety; anytime I'm near a dog, it instantly goes away. I really just love dogs."

Students hanging out with their new furry friends. (Photos by Meghan Moynihan)



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