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Purchase Campus to Host Democratic Town Hall Event

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

By: Kai Jackson

Democratic candidates running for U.S Congressional District 17 will be visiting the Purchase Campus for the Democratic primary town hall on Nov. 14.

The event, to be held at 5 p.m. in the Durst Humanities building, will allow the candidates to present their platforms and give students the opportunity to ask candidates questions directly.

The primary began to heat up when it was revealed that representative Nita Lowey would not seek reelection. Lowey has been a Representative for 31 years and a high ranking member of congress. The surprising move was made in the midst of planning the Town Hall event.

“This creates the potential of this primary looking similarly packed as the Democratic primary for President of the United States,” said Max Micallef a senior political science major and current head planner of the town hall event.

Micallef has a sizable resume, working on campaigns assisting notable teams including Moving Harrison Forward, Shelly Mayer and Elizabeth Warren.

“I decided that holding a Town Hall event here at the college is absolutely necessary,” said Micallef. “It's important that we, the campus, really hear, understand and ask the candidates what they are bringing to the table as public servants”

So far the official current candidates who will be present at the Town Hall event lists Mondaire Jones and David Buchwald. There are still several others who are still deciding whether to run or not including Tom Abinanti, David Carlucci and Amy Paulin.

To submit questions ahead of the event click the link below.



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