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Purchase Club Fair: Comedy, Condoms and Cheese

By Belle Martinelli

Students perusing the club tables at the Stood (photo by Belle Martinelli)

Comedy, condoms, and cheese. What do all these things have in common? It’s what you may have missed at the Club Fair!

The PSGA [Purchase Student Government Association] hosted their annual semester club fair at the Stood on Wednesday, Feb. 1. Representatives from clubs set up tables, brought flyers and goodies to give out, and spoke with prospective students.

Vice President Jesse Daderian (left) and PR Coordinator Spencer Burns (right) offering cheese samples (photo by Belle Martinelli)

A campus favorite, the renowned Cheese Club, was front and center, offering various cheeses and crackers to students on their way in. Vice president Jesse Daderian and PR coordinator Spencer Burns welcomed students, handed out cheese, and spoke of their cheese selecting process.

“[We] go out to a new store every week,” said Daderian, “and pick out a handful of cheeses.” The board takes suggestions from students, either for new picks or returning favorites. The board is currently all seniors, so any cheese-heads out there interested in taking over should attend the next meeting, Tuesday night at 8 in the commuters’ lounge.

Other Purchase favorites in attendance included Nerf Club, SOCA [Students of Caribbean Ancestry], Improv Club, LGBTQU and many, many more.

Alex Lewack, Aidrian Graber, and Amelia Llewellyn representing LGBTQU, one of the longest running clubs at Purchase (photo by Belle Martinelli)

At Purchase, students have the opportunity to find and connect with clubs that they identify with. The club for Jewish life on campus, Hillel, is one of numerous options for the diverse student body.

Hillel hosts many events over the course of the semester, both cultural and socializing. “Everyone’s really nice,” said sophomore Treasurer Rachel Dashow.

Purchase Planned Parenthood was also in attendance, offering free condoms and lube. They aim to make sure if students are having sex, they are having it safely. Treasurer Nat DiStefano said the club aspires to “provide sex education and spread safe sex awareness.”

From left to right, co-presidents Aaron Freedman and Sammie Terpening, Secretary Bella Spence, and Treasurer Lavender Bloom of the Autism Acceptance Club.

Autism Acceptance, a new club, aims to create a safe spot on campus for autistic and neurodivergent students, as well as allistic students wishing to learn more. Freshmen Aaron Freedman and Sammie Terpening, co-presidents, developed the idea for the club last semester, their first at Purchase. “It was a passion project,” said Freedman.

The comedy scene is another big part of campus life here at Purchase. Purchase Late Night, represented by co-president Courtney Honors, takes submissions from students. “We are doing some new things,” said Honors. Some of these new things include bringing in videographers and musicians, so keep an eye out!

From left to right, contributor Mackenzie Pharaoh and intern Belle Martinelli from The Purchase Phoenix (photo via @thepurchasephoenix Instagram)

Purchase has a wide array of clubs to choose from this semester, like Writer’s Club, Disabled Students Union, Anime Club, Sketch Comedy Club, Pre-Med Club, Purchase Christian Fellowship, and more. Joining a club on campus can help build connections and relationships - and Purchase has a diverse club selection to reflect a diverse campus.



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