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Purchase Panthers Get an Upgrade

By: Jennifer Ward

Brand new Purchase Athletics logo. (Photo via @purchasecollegeathletics on Instagram)

After nearly two decades of the same athletics department logo, Purchase Athletics is getting an upgrade.

The old athletics logo, which featured a panther leaping in the air surrounded by “PC” is getting switched out for the head of a growling panther, still in the signature blue and orange colors.

According to a press release from the athletics department, the new logo will be introducing a “new look, same family, and an unbreakable legacy.”

After years of the same logo, the athletics department has stated that this has been the perfect chance for a brand-new look. After Director of Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics Chris Bisignano saw the previous logo on the back of a moving truck, he knew it was time for a rebrand.

“It’s a facelift. It re-energizes and reinvigorates our program,” said Bisignano.

Although the idea of a brand-new logo may be exciting, some students have expressed that although they are ready for a change, the previous logo still holds great memories and is just a part of Purchase that they’re used to.

“That’s the logo that’s been with Purchase for a while, so that’s the one that I knew as the Purchase logo,” said freshman film major Bobby Royston, a member of the cross-country team. “So even though there was nothing particularly special around it, it was for me the Purchase logo.”

Some students, however, also voiced their joy in having the old logo replaced, and are more excited about the new change than upset about the loss of the old logo.

“The old logo was super underwhelming,” said sophomore philosophy and psychology major Andrew Agosto who is on the lacrosse team.

Regardless of students’ opinions, the transition from the old logo to the new one will be a seamless and simple transition. Already changes, such as new uniforms for select teams and brand-new banners hanging outside of the athletics building, have been put in place.

According to the athletics department, “While the older logo will be phased out, the legacy it leaves behind will be essential in bridging the gap between the old and the new.” They continued in their press release, “And don't fret, with this new logo leading the charge, Purchase College Athletics is ready to prey upon the competition for years to come.”

Options for brand new athletics logo. (Photo by Jennifer Ward)

The process of picking a new logo, however, was not as simple. It took Bisignano and his colleagues five years of going between different designs, artists, and logos for them to finally decide on the brand new logo that will be introduced to the school. Bisignano describes the process of picking a brand new logo over the one that’s been around for so long as an extremely difficult time, making sure he chose the perfect fit.

“Picking between both logos, that’s like saying do you like your firstborn or your newborn more. I love them both,” said Bisignano. “The original logo has a lot of fond memories, so I still love it. But our new facelift is going to bring new memories so I’m excited about that. And it’s ours. I’m excited for today and for my own new logo, I’m looking forward to seeing it on jerseys, fields, and banners.”

Beginning in May, the gym floor will be redone to have a painting of the new logo. Within the next two to three years, new uniforms will be introduced for all teams, including the brand-new logo. As well as the new logo being imprinted on the athletic fields.

The new logo has been met with mixed feedback, but mostly positive when it comes to what this can mean for the future of the school.

“I do like the old one, however, I think it’s time for a change and this new logo sets us in that direction,” said Royston. “New logo, new chapter for our program!”

“I think the new one is good! I think it’s super sharp, there’s a lot more interesting linework in it,” said Agosto. “I think it’s refreshing, a new look.”

Regardless of preferability, prepare to say goodbye and hello to the new with this brand-new look!



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