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Purchase Pride Festival: Celebrating Diversity on Campus

By: Natalie Tulloch

Purchase's LGBTQU hosted the first Purchase Pride Festival on April 21. Alex Lewack, President of LGBTQU and head coordinator of this event hopes to make this an annual event and get more people involved.

“Since pride month is in June and we are not here for that, we decided to have it now,” says Lewack. LGBTQU’s mission is “to have a safe space for members of the LGBTQ+ community and to encourage diversity,” says Lewack.

Rainbow bagels were served at the Pride Festival, some students referred to them as the “gay bagels” or the “gaygels.” (Photo by: Natalie Tulloch)

Lewack holding the transgender flag.  (Photo by: Natalie Tulloch)

Mariyah Harvey crochets and makes hats, bags, scarves, plushies, and many more. You can buy any of Harvey’s items through her Instagram @marveys.decor. (Photo by: Natalie Tulloch)

Matt Descalzo is from the Alt Center here at Purchase. The Alt Center hosted events like Asexual Awareness, Peer Counseling, and Zombie Prom. They were giving out free menstrual care and safe sex products because of how expensive they can be. The Alt Center is currently looking for more interns and they meet in Campus Center South on Thursdays. You can find out more on their Instagram account @purchasealtcenter.  (Photo by: Natalie Tulloch)

Aidrian Graber selling his artwork, which included the Purchase Pride poster. He also gave out free face paintings to all. (Photo by: Natalie Tulloch)

Student with a spider in the colors of the transgender flag. (Photo by: Natalie Tulloch)

The LOFT: LGBTQ+ Community Center is a non-profit community center whose mission is to support, advocate, educate, and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community located in White Plains. (Photo by: Natalie Tulloch)

Vanessa Lewis is an up-and-coming drag performer and a senior at Purchase. Lewis can be found on Instagram by their drag name, Strapoleon Dynamite (@strapoleondynamite). (Photo by: Natalie Tulloch)

I.Den.t.T is an Award Winning Queer Asian Artist. Their Instagram account is @i.den.t.t and their music can be found under the same name on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. (Photo by: Natalie Tulloch)

Bibi Knockers is a New York City performer who has performed at Purchase on many occasions. One of her last performances was at The Stood for Fall Ball in December of 2023. Their Instagram account is @bibiknockers and their music can be found under the same name on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube (Photo by: Natalie Tulloch).

To get involved with LGBTQU, the student organization meets on Mondays at 8 p.m. in the Multicultural Center.



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