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Run for Hope: Raising Mental Health Awareness

By: Natalie Tulloch

On Saturday, April 20, the University Police Department (UPD) hosted a 2K run/walk to raise awareness on mental health. They aimed to bring resources to students and members of the community to help those struggling with their mental health.

Students put on their numbers before the race begins. (Photo by: Natalie Tulloch)

“You never know the struggles that someone may be going through, they may hide it very well. And your act of kindness may make all the difference in the world,” said Earnest Lamb, provost and vice president for academic affairs.

Lamb crossing the finishing line. (Photo by: Natalie Tulloch)

Carrie Gilmore, a sophomore at Manhattan College, found out about this event through a friend who goes to Purchase. Gilmore decided to bring her sister, Mary Gilmore, out to support the good cause. “We’re supporting the running event because we both like to run and it’s a good cause,” said Carrie Gilmore.

The Gilmore sisters cross the finishing line. (Photo by: Natalie Tulloch)

Broadview Representatives Wendy Frein and Marsha Shellov spoke on ways that people can improve their mental health and help others. “If you're not sleeping, if you're not eating, if you're not exercising, if you're not taking care of yourself, it isn't just your mental health that suffers, it's your body as well," said Frein.

Frein continued, "The notion of separating the two disciplines has become to me not so relevant.” Frein and Shellov moved into Broadview back in December and are ecstatic to talk to students about career choices in mental health.

Frein and Shellov speak about mental health. (Photo by: Natalie Tulloch)

Dayton Tucker, chief of UPD, ended the speeches by giving a final message to everyone who showed up. “We know that there are people who are really struggling and we just want to get the information in everyone's hands,” said Tucker.

Participants get ready at the starting line. (Photo by: Natalie Tulloch)



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