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Sanderson Sisters Spotted at SUNY Purchase

By Daniela Rodriguez

The Sanderson Sisters by the Purchase clocktower (Photo edited by Kaylie Mancino)

A student spotted three supernatural beings roaming around campus on Saturday night. The authorities have identified the suspects as the Sanderson Sisters, a group of powerful, dangerous witches.

The student, Kaylie Mancino, a sophomore creative writing major, said they encountered the suspects while walking through the Campus Center North tunnels at 3 a.m. “I was walking home from the editing lab when I heard a strange sound,” she said. “I was scared at first but I didn’t think too much of it and kept walking. Then I heard it again and I knew it wasn't a coincidence.”

Mancino said they locked eyes with Winnifred, the eldest sister, as soon as they turned to see where the sound was coming from. “Once they saw me, they approached me at full speed, so I took my phone and held my flashlight right into her [Winifred] eyes. She fell to the floor, so I ran away before her sisters got her back on her feet,” said Mancino.

The Sanderson Sisters, Winifred, Sarah, and Mary, have a long history; they were executed by the Salem townspeople in 1693, after their involvement in the disappearance of Emily and Thackery Binx, local children. “They were burnt at the stake, right in front of their old house,” said Miss Olin, a former teacher at Jacob Bailey High School in Salem. “Their spirits remain in the house, waiting for someone to bring them back to life.”

Their wish was fulfilled in 1993 when Max Dennison, a 15-year-old student at Jacob Bailey High School, accidentally revived them. “I was very skeptical. I didn’t believe the rumors,” said Dennison. “I never thought that simply lighting a candle would lead to the craziest, scariest night of my life.” Dennison, along with his sister, Dani Dennison, and his current wife, were chased and almost killed by the witches.

“I thought my brother was gonna die that night,” said Dani Dennison. “ It was terrifying. Those women are not to be messed with.”

Luckily the Dennison siblings were able to prolong the sisters' plan until sunrise. The sun turned the witches to dust and rid the Salem town of them yet again.

It is still unclear how the suspects were resurrected or how they were able to make their way to Purchase.

*Editor’s note: The events depicted in this story are a work of fiction, some characters and quotes are based off of the movie Hocus Pocus; photos have been edited. Have a happy Halloween!



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