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Senator Astor Plans to Add Microwaves to Dorms at Senate Meeting

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

By Stephen DiFiore

Senators meet in the Presidential Conference Room in the Student Services Building. (Photo by Stephen DiFiore)

After a discussion on the resignation of now former President Elijah Logan, the Senate adopted a plan by Senator Nick Astor (OB) to add microwaves to Outback, Fort Awesome, Big Haus, Crossroads, Farside, and the Commuter Lounge, pending an inquiry into whether Facilities workers would be willing to maintain them.

Astor said during the meeting that it is a “pain” for students in these residencies to heat up their food when the closest available microwave would be in the Free Store and the fact that there are restrictions on using microwaves in dorms due to power usage.

Originally, Astor’s plan would only add microwaves to Outback, Fort Awesome, and the new Wayback residence. After learning that it will have a communal kitchen, the Senate removed the proposed microwave for Wayback.

Senator Jess Gambino (AV) amended the resolution to include the “Big Three” dorms: Big Haus, Crossroads, and Farside. Senator Steve Kollias (Comm.) then amended the resolution to include the Commuter Lounge.

Noting that the microwaves are a relatively cheap investment, Senator Andrew Tatar (LAS) said that the spending - totaling $359.94 - “would barely put a dent in our senator initiative [fund].”

The addition of a microwave for the Commuter Lounge is also important because, although there are microwaves in the Hub, students have no access to them when the Hub is closed, which can be the case during a storm.

“I still feel guilty about [commuters] being stranded on campus,” said Senator Emma Whitbeck (Olde).

Senator Oscar Salazar, whose constituency was changed at the meeting from Liberal Arts and Sciences to Commuters to make room for new LAS Senator Nezih Bouali, said that having a microwave available to commuters is important because some commuter students, such as himself, prefer to eat “on the go.”

“I have Hot Pockets in my pocket,” Salazar said.

Whitbeck also said that she was skeptical of the plan to buy the microwaves from Amazon, preferring a more local option.

The resolution was passed on the presumption that Astor would consider other options.



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