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Senior Season: COVID-19 Edition

by Anna Fofana

(Image of Sally Camara via

Despite being in the midst of a pandemic, senior Sally Camara hasn’t let coronavirus stop her from achieving her goals.

Camara currently dual majors in creative writing and playwriting and screenwriting, while minoring in psychology.

For Camara, the coronavirus wasn’t the first time her world was changed. When Camara was only 1, she moved to the Ivory Coast with her family and stayed there until she was around 4. She then emigrated from Ivory Coast and moved back home to Brooklyn.

For Camara, the adjustment was difficult. For starters, she had to learn an entirely new language, since French was her primary speaking language at the time. She was just starting school and had to learn how to get used to not only the school system but the students within it.

Throughout elementary school, she lived with her father and visited her mother on the weekends. As she moved into her middle school years, it was a little rough because she met so many different types of personalities. It was a bit overwhelming for her at the time because it was a lot of different types of people and new experiences thrown at her.

Before her senior year started, Camara was excited. For starters, she was excited to be living in The Olde as an RA and finally having her own apartment with her roommates. She was also looking forward to some of her favorite clubs, including Organization of African People in the Americas. She also managed to stack up and finish all of her tougher classes her junior year so she was set for an easier schedule her senior year. However, Camara had everything switched up on her when she couldn’t move back to campus and began missing Purchase.

“I like the community, it makes me feel like I belong,” she says. “Once your laptop closes that’s it. You’re all alone and isolated. At least on campus, you hear people talk or the sound of a skateboard going past your room.”

However, being remote isn’t all bad. Camara has been relaxing and taking her last semester easy. She has connected with herself a lot more now that she is remote and really wants to develop the building blocks to adulthood.

Camara is using her time to challenge herself by trying to do fun and creative things as much as she can. Now that her schedule is light and is filled with classes that she is really interested in, she has really used her free time to try and learn new skills.

“I always wanted to learn how to play an instrument, so I bought a guitar,” she said. “I also watch a lot of YouTube videos on learning how to sing.”

When looking towards the future post-graduation, Camara has big ambitions.

“I hope to land a job at a production company, definitely at A24 or HBO because they produce a lot of content that I like,” Camara adds. “I want to move out once I graduate college, become independent and then start producing my own shows!”



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