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Sip, Snack and Socialize: Purchase's Paint & Sip Event

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

By Isabella Martinelli

From left to right, freshmen Molly McHugh, Gabby Eisenberg, Abby Johnson, and Neena Govea showcasing their art (photo by Isabella Martinelli)

Purchase students sip mocktails while expressing their creativity during the “Paint & Sip” event, held in Humanities on Tuesday by the Purchase Activities Board (PAB). President of PAB, Devoray Wigfall, was leading the event, along with Vice President of PAB, Aniya Russell.

Snacks and mocktails set out for students (photo by Isabella Martinelli)

Students in attendance were provided with easels, canvas, brushes, and paints. The event, as promised by the name, also included an array of charcuterie snacks and mocktails.

Although students were provided with an instructional video, most, if not all, decided to use creative liberty on their portraits.

“Barely anybody is following the video, everyone’s kind of just going in their own direction,” says Malika Thompson, coordinator of student activities. “That’s what we wanted to happen, too, because it’s for them, so we want them to take it in whatever direction they want to go in.”

The artistic event was inspired by the Purchase community. “We also chose a paint night because of how artistic the Purchase students can be,” says Thompson. “A lot of them major in a lot of different art majors, and everyone’s pretty expressive.”

Students chatting amongst themselves while painting (photo by Isabella Martinelli)

The event had a turnout of about 45 people in attendance. According to Thompson, PAB usually prepares for about 40-50 people per event, putting this one right within target range.

Senior media studies and anthropology major, Sarah Mack, enjoyed the event.

“Yeah, I found it fun to paint,” she says. If there are more events like these, she is sure to be in attendance. “I just go for the free canvas!”

According to Thompson, students can be sure to see more events like these. “We’re going to have another one, around welcome week for next semester,” she says, “but instead of mocktails, we’re gonna have hot cocoa, and it’ll all be winter themed.”

More students showcase their creativity with their paintings (photo by Isabella Martinelli)



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