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Skate Right Into the ‘80s!

By Jennifer Ward

SK80's took place in The Stood on Oct. 22 (Photo via @the.stood on Instagram)

A Purchase student favorite event got to make its return back in The Stood with SK80s hosted by the student’s activities board. An event where students were able to get roller skates, provided by the school and roller skate around with friends to music from the ‘80s.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, SK80s was put on hold, the last party being in 2019. This year though, the party was able to make its full return on campus on Oct. 22 and students were able to attend with friends and were free to skate around The Stood.

“It was so much different than what I’m used to but in the best way possible,” sophomore environmental studies major Indi Richardson said. “It was so much fun to go skating in The Stood and I wish they had more events like that. There was such a big turn out and the vibes were all great, it was definitely giving ‘80s.”

All students had to do was show their Purchase ID and they were given a free pair of skates. The skating took place in sessions, this, however, did not fully help to stop overcrowding on the floor, leaving many students running into each other and long lines to pick up and drop off skates circling around The Stood floor.

SK80's party in action! (Photo by Jamie Simiele)

The music helped to set the mood and give a more authentic ‘80s feel to the party, making it more enjoyable for students. Some classics included “Material Girl” by Madonna and “Kids in America” by Kim Wilde. Senior painting and drawing major Christie Nauheimer said, “My favorite things about the party were the 80s music, and just getting to roller skate around with friends.” She continued, “It was fun that there was a theme and an activity, and most people were excited to participate.”

Learning to skate was also a very exciting part of this event. Many people were seen holding hands, helping each other skate around, and teaching each other. Falling over was a common sight, yet laughter always followed suit.

One issue many had though, was the fact that the party was getting crowded, making it harder for those who aren’t veteran skaters to get their footing. However, sophomore history major Layla Paras did not let this get her down or damper her mood. “I didn’t know how to skate but for the few seconds I was not bumping into other people or almost falling, it was peaceful,” said Paras. “The tape on the ground was a factor in me falling a lot.”

Overall SK80s was a hit, leaving students eager for more parties just like this. Richardson said, “I hope The Stood has more SK80s nights!”



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