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Songfest Jamboree

By Sophia Pallozzi

Monica closing out the event. (Photo by Sophia Pallozzi)

On Wednesday, Sept. 13th, Farside Resident Assistant Isaiah Monica hosted his first event, “Songfest Jamboree,” which took place under the gazebo outside the main dining hall.

Students slowly poured in at approximately 7 p.m., accompanied by Monica’s microphone and strong vocal cords. “The idea for song fest was to join a lot of musical people together,” Monica said. “Me myself, I’m a musical person, I love all types of music, I can rock out!”

Monica with student singing for an audience. (Photo by Sophia Pallozzi)

As the night went on, Monica performed for a small audience, which grew larger with every song. Soon after, students began to ask if they can sing, which Monica gleefully passed the mike along, cheering on new performers.

Freshman Valeska Nunez performed a ballad by Christina Aguilera, singing her heart out with each note. Nunez was nervous before her performance, she said, “maybe if people start coming in, but I’m ready.” Nunez is an EOP student studying acting.

As the night grew cooler, the familiar tunes of Olivia Rodrigo and Adele drew in numerous students, some just passing by and watching, others anticipating their turn for the mike. “We were just walking by, and this seemed cool,” freshman Niyah Allen said.

Allen said about her freshmen year, “It’s been okay, it’s had its ups and downs, but the people here are nice. This event helps bring people together.” Allen was accompanied by Conner Belin, a sophomore at Purchase, who has a little more experience with events such as Song Fest.

“I think it’s pretty cool, nice night, nice ambiance, it’s bringing people together,” said Belin. “I'm putting the wheels back in motion, stood, parties, classes, everything, I’m happy to be back.”

Student preforming Infront of audience for Songfest. (Photo by Sophia Pallozzi)

The fest was briefly interrupted by Central’s fire alarm, which happened to drag freshman out of their dorms and enjoy their peers singing. Soon after, four students strolled in with a drum set, bass, electric guitar and microphone. They set up camp and started playing live music, which everyone gathered around to enjoy, as the fire alarms chirping faded into background noise.

“This band is still a work in progress,” Osiris Warren explained, lead singer of the group. He was accompanied by musicians Leslie Smith on drums, Aiden Jonas on electric guitar, and Andres Merlano on bass guitar.

Singer Osiris Warren and Aiden Jones performing a new song. (Photo by Sophia Pallozzi)

Freshman Jolie Babatunde was seated throughout the entire festival, witnessing the fire alarm and flock of students, and she said, “It brings all kinds of people together. You get to meet people from all different grades, and I think that’s important too because there’s lots of events that only freshman will go to or only upperclassman will go to, but I think it’s good for everyone to meet each other.”

Babatunde also added, “I’m trying to get myself accustomed back to school life…I’m trying to get along with my peers, I feel like an old man,” she said, giggling. “I’m working on it.”



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