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Stand Up Comedy Club Performs First Show to Uproarious Crowd

The Stand Up Comedy Club's first show touched on subjects relevant to student life at Purchase. (Photo by Diana Gilday)

By Diana Gilday

The Stand Up Comedy Club’s first show of the semester was a resounding success. The show had a large crowd turnout, with people standing outside the door of the Cinema Room, laughing throughout the night.

Starting the night was club president and host, senior playwriting and screenwriting major, Vernon Macklin, who had the crowd engaged from the start. He also kept the energy high throughout the night with smaller sets between acts.

“It was a fun show, the turnout was amazing,” said Macklin. “I was happy to see some of our returners perform again and I can’t wait to start planning the next one.”

The next performer was “David from Brooklyn,” club treasurer, who had a very relatable set about the mandatory alcohol and sexual abuse courses all students have to take. By making jokes about something every student has to go through, he got the crowd engaged and laughing, relating to every word he said.

A few highlights of the night were senior Sara Gunn and senior Party Pat. Sara’s set was extremely amusing to the crowd, who were rolling with laughter throughout. Party Pat touched on subjects like working out and “hot boy Trent.”

“It was a fun first outing for the club and it made me consider joining,” said junior playwriting and screenwriting major Thomas Kostic when asked what he thought about the show.

The crowd favorite of the night was junior Donyae McCray whose story of a drunken night over the summer was received with more raucous laughter. McCray also ranted about things he does not like, including people asking “what’s your major?” every time they meet someone new.

The Stand Up Comedy Club’s next show will be on Oct. 18. The theme will be “virgin night” and all of the performers will be first time comedians.



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