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Stood Hosts a Cross Generational Cover Show with Electric Band Performances

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Story, photos, and video by Kai Jackson

Last weekend showcased another memorable night at the Stood as bands performed cover songs of some of the world’s most iconic artists and groups. Performers covered hit songs by classic music greats such as Nirvana, Queen, and Daft Punk. Performers also covered modern artists such as P!nk, Kendrick Lamar, Billie Eilish, and Anderson Paak.

With the cross-generational line up, there seemed to have been something for everyone to dance and sing along to. Things really began to take off once a Purchase band began to cover Nirvana, which sparked the stood goers to come on stage and thrash along with the band.

Perhaps what was also special about last weekend’s show, aside the cross generational line up, was the opportunity to witness talent from various performers. Some cover songs seemed to challenge the ability of the performers as there came moments where they had to accurately mimic memorable loops, queues and lyrics of some classic and well known tracks.This was well showcased by an impressive performance by the Purchase group that covered Kendrick Lamar, featuring Purchase student Evan LeSoule as the lead singer.

The tone of the night was changed once it came time to see performers cover Anderson Paak, a performance that did not seem to disappoint the Stood crowd at all. Anderson Paak was covered by an act who revealed they did not have a band name yet. The group featured musician CJ Wave, also known as Conor as the lead singer, who was backed up by a range of talented horn players and an astounding drummer.

The group also featured Purchase students Zack Silverberg on guitar and Joel Perez on bass. At a special point during the Anderson Paak performance, the group invited LeSoule on stage.

The night was finally closed out by a Purchase group covering P!nk. The next Stood event will be on Nov. 22 when The Stood will be hosting Emo Night starting at 9 p.m.

Check out footage of the Cover Show below:



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