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Student Style Highlight: Molly Goldberg

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

By Sierra Petro

Photo by Sierra Petro

We've stopped the student walking the campus in circular specs and high-waisted pants... and sat her down to tell us about her quirky fits. Read below about Molly Goldberg, a freshman costume design major.

I’ve always been a fashion person. In middle school I mixed hand-me-down sweaters from the 80s, that I shrunk down, with jeans from The Children’s Place with elastic waists. Now, I lean on vintage for a good fit. Women used to wear girdles and corsets, so a lot of vintage clothing was made smaller.

I started college at Parsons doing fashion design and realized I wanted to do costuming instead. My favorite costumes are ones from the fifties. The women wore huge skirts everyday. They were so elegant and fun. Why not wear a costume everyday if you can?

Molly's Betsy Johnson bag she got for her last birthday. (Photo by Sierra Petro)

Since then, I worked on my biggest show yet this summer as a dresser at The Atlantic Theater Company (located in Manhattan). I worked on a rock opera called This Ain't No Disco, which had 39 quick changes. A quick change requires the actor to change between scenes in less than a minute, so I needed to be on my game.

I find a lot of inspiration in other students at Purchase. Everyone’s so different. I can relate to this in a way. A vintage store in Brooklyn I like is called 10 ft Single by Stella Dallas. When I’m older I could picture myself being like the character from the 1937 film embarrassing my daughter with outrageous outfits.

Check out Molly's work and some t-shirt, earrings, and stickers she designs/ sells on her website: .

Molly is The Purchase Print's student style highlight for November. Do you know a Purchase student whose style should be highlighted? We publish a highlight on the last Monday of the month. Submit someone (or yourself) on Facebook @purchaseprint or by email to

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