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Student Style Highlight: Paul Sacchetti

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

by Sierra Petro

Photo by Sierra Petro

A student’s style will be highlighted on the last Monday of every month. October’s highlight is Paul Sacchetti, a junior journalism major.

Paul is being highlighted for his simple, yet always put-together outfits. His pieces are noticeably tailored for him. Below Paul gives details about his impeccable style and shares some tips for those that (unlike him) don’t have a personal tailor.

I look at clothes as something that protects me from the weather and makes me feel comfortable and confident. I used to wear a lot of jeans. Once I learned about fabric, jeans became like cardboard to me.

Before a sixth grade dance my uncle taught me about fabric by taking me to a thrift store, and we’ve been thrifting together ever since. He taught me about finding quality fabrics for affordable prices.

I mostly go to Salvation Army and Goodwill. I’m from Rotterdam, near Albany, and those are mostly it when it comes to second-hand shops.

I look for clothes that are simple, so I can mix and match. Like most people who thrift, I don’t go in looking for specific items. I have a collection of pieces that caught my eye, and I’ll sometimes add them in for a splash. One example is a pair of orange socks I pair with navy pants.

When it comes to fit, I have the help of my grandma, since she’s a seamstress. I’ve learned some tips that others can follow while shopping to help find a good fit…

1. I don’t like wearing belts, so to find pants that match my size in width I use the measurement of my closed fist knuckle to my elbow.

2. Pants should typically land at your first shoe lace.

3. Jacket sleeves should land between the first joint in your thumb and the point at which your hand and wrist connect. If it lands above it will be too short and below will look goofy.

4. As for the fit of the shoulders, it’s most important to have the lapel lay nicely. If the lapel is too loose, the shoulders will be too.

5. I’ve yet to find quality shoes I liked while thrifting. My mantra when it comes to clothing is simple and good quality. I’ve had my Clarks Wallabees for six years now, and they are quality and comfortable.

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