Student Style Highlight: Stefanie Schoner

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

By Sierra Petro

The last Monday of the month is here, and that means it's time to announce this month's Student Style Highlight! Our first highlight of the spring semester is Stefanie Schoner, a senior anthropology major who has a love for culture and expressing herself through fun accessories.

Purch Style Share, a Facebook group for Purchase students to serve looks, is where The Print scouted Schoner. She wore a leopard coat and captured the image, "was feelin like someone's sugar mamma the other day." Schoner has fun with fashion, and The Print sat down with her to discuss how she puts her personality into her wardrobe.

Schoner in her closet holding onto her "sugar mamma" coat. (Photo by Sierra Petro)

What is your favorite way to add your personality to an outfit?

An outfit without accessories is like my "base". The accessories take an outfit a step up. My earrings represent my real personality, the one people who really know me know. I have a lot of really "out there" earrings.

Why are earrings a favorite of yours?

The eye is drawn to earrings, since they're right by your face. They also help frame the face really nicely.

Schoner's collection of earrings hung in her room. Some of her favorite places to buy them are Forever21, Dolls Kill, and Echo Clubhouse. (Photo by Sierra Petro)

Would "out there" be a way to describe your outfits from head-to-toe?

I love dressing up; I want people to look at me. In Purch Style Share there was a thread of outfits that could only be worn to the stood. I contributed an iridescent dress and a big, white, fuzzy jacket. I definitely wouldn't wear that to class though. I sometimes like to wear more modern, contemporary looks. Most of the time I'm in streetwear.

Where do you get your inspiration for your streetwear outfits?

I really like Korean street fashion. I studied abroad in Korea for all of the last school year, and I went to Seoul Fashion Week twice. I got lots of inspiration there from taking pictures of everybody. I like that everyone had their own style. I took bits of what I captured and started buying pieces.

Stefanie is The Purchase Print's Student Style Highlight for January. Do you know a Purchase student whose style should be highlighted? We publish a highlight on the last Monday of the month. Submit someone (or yourself) on Facebook @purchaseprint or by email to

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