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Students Welcome Second Half of the Spring Semester

By Jai'da Blot

 Denzel Curry performing at Culture Shock in 2019 (photo by Jason Doherty)

Kristina Gallo, a graduating senior this semester, is so happy to be back in person, especially for her last year of college.

Gallo also stated how nervous she was about graduating. “It’s a big accomplishment for me to get my bachelor's degree and finally finish, but it’s so bittersweet,” she said.

Although she’s upset about leaving the people she met this semester so soon, she feels like it’s her time to go, said Gallo. In the meantime, she said she is living her last semester up, having fun and enjoying being with her roommates for the last time.

Mariyah Harvey is a freshman and returning student this semester. Just like Gallo, Harvey is excited to be back in person and see everyone, not just over Zoom.

“It’s finally hitting me that this is real now that I’m not talking to a screen anymore,” said Harvey.

When the spring semester was pushed back two weeks later, Harvey was initially upset, but now is fine with it due to the long break and spending time with her friends who are graduating in May.

Like many other students, Harvey thinks socializing has become easier now that most students are back to in-person classes and especially since she commutes and can now get to meet everyone as more than just faces on a screen.

“Being back and having in-person classes made me feel less nervous to talk to people because now that we are in-person, it makes it easier to talk to people and get to know some of the nicest and open-hearted people on campus,” says Kayla Kutner, who, like Harvey, is a returning freshman.

Kutner is happy that classes are in person as well because last semester she was mainly on Zoom and found that she didn’t socialize as much as she would have on campus. Kutner was not too upset about the semester being pushed back in January because she says it gives her a little more time in college to have freedom and independence.

Gallo, Harvey, and Kutner were all excited for the one and only Culture Shock. It’s a two-day weekend where there are live performances, carnival games and a bunch of food options. It’s a time when students can relax before finals and our seniors' graduate and go on in life. Some performers they have had in the past include Drake and Beyoncé.

Culture Shock was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID, giving students another reason to look forward to the event and for early April, when more information about this year’s Culture Shock is set to be announced.

Gallo says, “[I love] the festival energy, the food trucks, the music, and just the good vibes of ‘Purchella.’”



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