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Study Abroad Fair Offers Students Chance to Broaden Horizons

Students at the study abroad fair. (Photo courtesy of Purchase College Study Abroad Program)

By Miranda Marte Velez

Purchase held its annual Study Abroad Fair on Sept. 11 where it displayed the different study abroad programs offered throughout the year. Students learned about program options, credit transfers, eligibility requirements, financial aid and scholarship opportunities and how to apply.

“This is the largest of the study abroad events because this is the one to which we invite all of our SUNY partners,” said Anne Kern, Dean for Global Strategy and International Programs. “All of the faculty members who organize and lead programs are here. In addition to that, we have representatives from over a dozen other SUNY campuses.”

Students can partake in study abroad programs offered at other SUNY schools and representatives included people from Brockport, Binghamton, Buffalo and more.

“Of course, we would always love it if students participate in our programs,” Kern said. “One of the really exciting opportunities that students have here is to be able to go abroad with a professor they know.”

There are a few requirements for abroad programs that vary, but there are some general requirements that remain the same.

“As long as you’ve completed two semesters at Purchase, you have a 2.5 or better grade point average, you can get a positive recommendation from a professor, and you don’t have any conduct or financial flags, then you can study abroad,” Kern said.

Ethan Desautels, a senior Studio Composition major, went on the abroad program to Antibes, France.

“My experience going to Antibes was eye-opening,” Desautels said. “I made a lot of international friends there, not just people from France, but people from all over the world.”

In addition to having made friends at the new school, Desautels also became close with Purchase students.

“I hardly knew any of the people that came with us from Purchase,” he said. “We kind of turned into like a little family by the end of the program.”

Aside from just studying abroad, there are also exchange programs that students can be a part of.

“We have well over 15 exchange agreements with foreign institutions all over the world, Kern said. “and you can go abroad first semester as well through those exchanges.”

The cost for going on the exchange is often similar to studying at Purchase College, Kern said.

“You just pay your Purchase tuition and if you receive a scholarship or a financial aid package, then you just pay your normal, whatever it is, that you normally pay in tuition.”

Financial obligations may hold many students back from studying abroad, but there are opportunities to get financial assistance.

“We have a good number of scholarships available and we have a very high rate of awarding scholarships,” Kern said. “The reason that we give out so many scholarships is because our goal is for as many Purchase College students who want to study abroad to be able to do so, we don’t want finances to be a barrier.”

The deadline for applying for the winter lead faculty program is Sept. 27 and the deadline for applying for the summer program tends to be mid to late February.



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