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By Elan Lederman 


SUNY Purchase is home to many differing artistic events. Whether run by students or officiated by the college itself, Purchase is a school that allows students to freely and creatively express themselves. 

There is never any mention of what other SUNY campuses are doing in terms of artistic endeavors and performance-based events though. While events like Fall Fest and Culture Shock exist on campus, events held on other campuses are unknown to the students of Purchase.   

“There are so many other events,” says Tyler McMaster, a senior musician at Purchase who co-organized SUNYSTOCK earlier this semester. “I strongly encourage students to follow the Stood and other clubs and be on the lookout for more shows of the like. SUNY Stock was larger in volume, but the general idea for ALL shows on campus is to give people a good time and a positive experience of community.”    

Though a successful event for Purchase students, SUNYSTOCK is unique in that not all SUNY schools, nor their student populations host events of the same stature. 

Prince Teejay, an alumnus of SUNY Cortland, talks about his musical journey starting on campus and further musical plans.  

“My friends from school started to catch on from social media,” says Teejay. “It wasn’t really a big music scene at school. My relations with music came from me networking and building relationships in other areas; I was always traveling to LA and Atlanta.”  


Though a relatively small music scene at SUNY Cortland, the COVID-19 pandemic allowed for virtual events to be held.  


In 2021 a virtual event titled, “SUNYFest” gave students from different colleges the chance to showcase their talents and artistic abilities. 

SUNY’s official website states, “SUNYFEST, the first-ever system-wide virtual music festival at the State University of New York, brought students together safely with their peers at SUNY schools throughout New York State for a day of musical acts and performances.” 

Teejay says, “SUNY fest was cool, I wish it was in person because it would’ve given me a chance to connect with people. There were no similar events for the students. I know there was a spring fling the year after I left. About 100 people tagged me to perform out of nowhere but I didn’t go.” 

Many colleges hold an event called “Spring Fling” at the end of the second semester.  The event is run by multiple student organizations and involves live performances among other events.


Carnivals, EDM festivals, and musical performances are a part of the “Spring Fling.”   

At Binghamton University, musical guests like Yung Gravy and Sway Lee performed.   Giancarlo Esposito and Ray Wilson also visited the campus as guest speakers.


Ezra Rivel, a sophomore at Binghamton University speaks briefly about the music and arts scene on his campus.


“Though not a huge music scene,” says Rivel, “The Anderson Center is a big theatre which is used for artistic presentations, singing, lectures and plays. The Student Association Programming Board is involved a ton on campus too.  They get actors to come speak and even help plan our Spring Fling.”


“I feel that colleges should always give their students a chance to perform," says Teejay. 



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