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The Faces of the First Week

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

by Leah Dwyer and Brienne Westfall

(Photo by Leah Dwyer)

After a long while the Purchase campus is open for business! New and returning students comment on their first week back to class on campus.

First year students (pictured left to right) Jakob Ferrara, Stephanie Ilagorre, and Thomas Schiavoni spend some time enjoying the weather outside the library (Photo by Leah Dwyer)

“My first week is actually going rather well, I'm meeting a lot of new people everyone is very open,” said Jakob Ferrara. “It’s just very nice to meet people and kind of be on the same page as everyone else.”

“I met a lot of cool people,” Stephanie Ilagorre said, “I'm really excited, but also nervous about the workload.”

(Photo by Brienne Westfall)

Student Emily Christ said, "It's surreal. I'm very excited. I'm also really worried it's not going to last."

(Photo by Brienne Westfall)

Gwin Mosher describes the first week as "excited, nervous and sweaty.”

"I feel different. I'm happy to be back but I'm all online and I wish I had more in person things to go to."

Abigail Citarella (left) and Christina Roldan (Right) (Photo by Brienne Westfall)

Welcome week brought the Two by Two Zoo to the Great Lawn on Thursday. (Photo by Leah Dwyer)

“At first I was very overwhelmed,” said Kaitlyn Irby, “but now that the week is coming to an end and I’ve experienced it, I feel like everything is falling into place.”

“This first week of school has been a little stressful,” Daniella Montedoro said, “but the community here is so supportive and welcoming that classes just felt like home here.”

First year dance students (pictured left to right) Kaitlyn Irby, Libiya Gray, Daniella Montedoro, and Tamya Stevenson gather outside the dance building. (Photo by Leah Dwyer)



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