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The Panther's Weekday Forecast 11/20-11/24

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

By: Josiah Acheampong

With over 30 million people (about the population of Texas) expected to travel this Thanksgiving, a cross-country storm arrives just in time to inflict travel delays from the Great Lakes to the coastal Southeast. With widespread heavy rain and wind to be expected across campus, this may hamper travel by air, rail, or road. However, calmer, and drier

weather return just in time to cut the turkey on Thursday and for the remainder of the long weekend.


NOV. 20, 2023


Morning: As the days go by, the chilly air seems to only get colder. Temperatures will dip into the low 30s and upper 20s. Frost can be found on surfaces like cars, grass, and other colder surfaces. So before heading out to work, be sure to provide yourself with a little extra time to warm up your car before leaving.

Afternoon: Expect a mix of sun and a few clouds. Even with the help of the sun, temperatures will struggle to reach the mid-40s in many locations thanks to this cold Canadian air. This may be a taste of winter minus the snow. It could be a wonderful opportunity to try ice skating at nearby rinks or try some warm seasonal drinks.

Evening: As you prepare to leave for Thanksgiving Break, do not pack your jacket away. Temperatures will sink into the low 30s by dinner. While the threat of gusty winds has dramatically decreased, there can still be a brief breeze that makes actual temperatures feel colder than the actual temperature reading. Be sure to bundle up if you have any

outdoor evening plans. It will feel chilly when walking out.

(Photo by: Josiah Acheampong)


NOVEMBER 14, 2023


Morning: As you walk out to start your day, morning temperatures will start out in the mid to upper 20s for the Purchase Campus and the Hudson Valley. When you head out this morning, be sure to include a raincoat, rain boots, and an umbrella as the morning sun will be misleading for the heavy and travel-disrupting rain later this evening. If you plan on traveling, give yourself some time as millions around the country begin their travel plans, both on the road, rail, and sky.

Afternoon: Like yesterday, temperatures will struggle to reach 50 degrees in many areas in the Hudson Valley. As the day continues, clouds will continue to increase and cover the campus, ahead of a large storm bringing heavy rain & several types of freezing precipitation. From the Great Lakes to the White Mountains of New Hampshire and down through the Southeastern U.S., millions will experience some kind of weather impact from

this large storm. So, prepare for the weather to deteriorate as we head into the evening hours and the storm approaches. Expect the first raindrops (or frozen precipitation far north of campus), to begin between 3-5 P.M.

Evening: Waves of steady rain will cover the Purchase Campus and many students prepare to head home for the Thanksgiving Break. While the main threat will be rain, which can be heavy at times, strong and gusty winds will also impact the area throughout the evening commute. Winds can gust between 25-35 mph at times. In addition, expect between 1-2" of rain to fall throughout the area. However, expect the heaviest rain to happen during the overnight hours into the morning hours on Wednesday. Expect delays, especially if planning to fly out of local airports.

(Photo by: Josiah Acheampong)


NOVEMBER 22, 2023


Morning: Leftover rain showers will pass through the area. These showers can be heavy at times as the storm continues to push eastward and can continue to cause travel delays during the morning commute. However, do not plan on the entire day being a washout. In fact, clearing should begin as soon as the mid-morning, allowing clearer skies to prevail. In addition, it can still be breezy at times making it difficult to stay dry as rain droplets blow into your face at times. Morning temperatures will be quite mild with temperatures near 50 degrees to begin the day.

Afternoon: As the storm moves farther offshore, the rain will end, and clouds will begin to break up a bit allowing for sunshine to peek through. This will be great news for those who plan to travel today for the long weekend. Expect mostly cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid-50s.

Evening: With the continued clearing of clouds, any leftover daytime heating will return to space. As a result, temperatures will drop into the 40s by dinnertime. Be sure to grab your fall attire to stay warm as you head out for the evening or for the holiday break. If you are traveling, give yourself some extra time just in case any delays from yesterday have an impact on travel this evening.

(Photo by: Josiah Acheampong)


NOVEMBER 23, 2023


Morning: With bright skies and wake-up temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s, from your window, it may look quite ideal for any Thanksgiving Day Parades in the area. However, with a northwesterly wind at 15 mph and gusts between 25-35 mph, it may be difficult for big festivities such as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in Manhattan and other local events to take place with high winds. Also, if you do plan to travel to these outdoor events, be sure to bundle up because, with the winds, it will feel cooler than the actual temperature reading.

Afternoon: Like the morning, winds will remain gusty. So, for those who are making last-minute flight plans, winds may pose a problem for local airports causing delays. However, with the sun out in full force with a mix of clouds, it will look like the ideal fall afternoon as many families prepare to gather and feast. Expect highs in the low to mid-50s in many locations.

Evening: During the evening hours, temperatures will dip into the 40s as many families remain inside their homes and enjoy each other's company. Further, expect clearer skies and winds to slightly diminish.

(Photo by: Josiah Acheampong)


NOVEMBER 24, 2023


Morning: Rise and shine! The slow return of colder air begins. Wake-up temperatures will range from the mid to upper 30s. With these low morning temperatures, going for a morning jog after all the food from the night prior will require a jacket and some gloves if you plan to go out.

Afternoon: Even with the help of afternoon sun, temperatures will struggle to reach 50 degrees throughout the area. Thanks to the return of a northwesterly wind, colder air will sink down from Canada throughout the day. This will not be welcome news to those who plan on Black Friday shopping in person. This chillier air will make it difficult for those standing in long lines to remain comfortable. Be sure to wear your winter attire to keep warm, especially for those who plan on being out for extended periods of time.

Evening: As the sun leaves, colder air will return for the evening and overnight hours. Temperatures will easily dip into the 30s and 20s in some locations as daytime heating from the sun leaves many feeling the winter chill. Expect clearer skies and breezy conditions to persist. Winds can gust between 15-25 mph around the area. This will make evening temperatures feel even colder as many enjoy time with family and friends. Be sure to bundle up if you have any outdoor evening plans.

(Photo by: Josiah Acheampong)

Get ready! Below-average temperatures will impact much of the Northeast on Saturday, making it feel chilly during the daytime and last throughout much of the day on Sunday before another cross-country storm brings soggy conditions back to the area. However, once the storm passes, the real story will become the frigid temperatures that come after. At times, it will feel more like the middle of winter, rather than the end of November.


Nov. 25, 2023

WHAT to expect: Canadian Cold Returns| HIGH: 38°F/ LOW: 27°F

Morning: Similar to a week ago, when we experienced below-average temperatures, cold air is returning just in time for the weekend again. Wake-up temperatures will be in the mid to upper 20s across much of the area. Expect frost on grassy and colder surfaces such as cars, metal railings, and lawns. Be sure to wear your winter clothing before heading out to finish any Black Friday shopping.

Afternoon: Even with the help of afternoon sun, temperatures will struggle to reach 40 degrees in many areas. This cold is stubborn and is supported by a northerly wind keeping the cold air in place across the area. For those returning to the campus on Saturday, be sure to pack your warmer clothing to keep warm because the sun will be of little help as this cold air makes its presence known.

Evening: By dinnertime, temperatures will begin to fall back into near-freezing territory. Without the little help received from the sun, it will feel even colder than before. For those with outdoor evening plans such as going to the Rockefeller Plaza Ice Rink in Manhattan, continuing Black Friday shopping, or any other outdoor activities, be sure to stay warm with coats, scarves, and hats.

(Photo by: Josiah Acheampong)


NOV. 26, 2023

What to expect: Evening Cross-Country Storm | HIGH: 48°F/ LOW: 33°F

Morning: With wake-up temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s, there won't feel like much change from the day before. There will also be some frost build-up on colder surfaces, like yesterday morning. Give yourself some extra time to warm up your vehicles before trying to head out to complete errands or begin your journey home to campus if you’re in the Northeast.

Afternoon: Unlike yesterday with the help of some sunshine, afternoon temperatures will manage to reach the low 40s. However, cloud cover will begin to grow ahead of another cross-country storm system that will bring at times, heavy rain and wind. So, be sure to finish any outdoor activities you have planned during the afternoon because the evening and overnight hours will be plagued by soggy weather.

Evening: By dinner time, a few showers will enter the area, moving from west to east. However, this will only be a teaser for the heavier ones to follow during the overnight hours. This in part, may cause travel delays whether traveling on land or by air. This can cause travel headaches for those flying home to local airports for classes or work on Monday. Be sure to stay up to date with your flight itinerary for any cancellations or delays. The heaviest rain will occur during the overnight hours. In addition to the rain, milder air will also creep into the area, thanks to a southerly flow. This will actually help set our daily high temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s in some locations.

(Photo by: Josiah Acheampong)



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