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The Panther's Weekday Forecast 11/27-12/1

By Josiah Acheampong

After a soggy end to our Thanksgiving Break, an arctic air outbreak is going to shock much of the country. From Central Florida to the Great Lakes, back to New England and the Mid-Atlantic, outright frigid air is going to impact the middle part of the week bringing temperatures 10-20 degrees below average in some areas. Eventually temperatures

moderate later into the week just in time for the next rain threat on Friday.


NOV. 27, 2023


Morning: As the work week begins, leftover showers will be clearing from west to east as the storm continues to pull away and affect the rest of New England. However, if you’re an early riser, some of the heaviest rain should be ending before 4 a.m., making for a soggy start to the work week. But as the morning progresses, clouds should begin to break up allowing for peeks of sun. Thanks to the southerly flow, temperatures may still read in the upper 40s.

Afternoon: As promised, clearer skies will prevail. A mix of sun and clouds will cover the Purchase Campus allowing for drier weather to take hold. However, the effects of this storm aren’t over. A persistent and at times gusty wind will begin to push colder air down from Canada, progressively bringing down our temperature readings. Winds can gust up to 35 mph, especially near coastal areas. This can make traveling to Westchester County Airport difficult if you’re returning to the area.

Evening: With gusty winds prevailing, temperatures will begin to sink into the 30s across the area, as colder air overtakes much of the eastern half of the country. This will once again send temperatures tumbling into the 30s and will set the tone for below-average temperatures for the rest of the week. This will make it feel more like the middle of winter rather than the end of November. So be sure to wear warmer clothing as colder Canadian air returns once again.

(Photo by: Josiah Acheampong)


NOVEMBER 28, 2023


Morning: Don’t let that morning sunshine fool you. Just because there's sun does not mean it will be warm outside. Wake-up temperatures will be in the mid to upper 20s as frigid air from Canada seeps southward bringing freezing temperatures to the region. In addition to the chilly air, expect a gusty breeze from time to time, making feel-like temperatures 5 to 15 degrees colder than the actual temperature reading.

Afternoon: As you make afternoon lunch plans, make sure a jacket and a scarf are handy if you plan to head out to grab a bite. High temperatures will only rise into the mid-30s putting some locations within 5 degrees of the freezing mark (32°F). But, without a snowstorm in sight, it’ll just feel blustery for no good reason. Furthermore, with the gusty northwesterly wind, we may even see a passing snow squall (narrow band of snow showers), impacting the area during the afternoon. As New York City marks over 650 days (about 2 years)

without at least 1” of snow, this will be a nice treat considering the lackluster snowfall of last year. However, do not expect any accumulation.

Evening: As you head into the evening, the wind should be slowly dying down. However, all it will do is make it feel less cold than it truly is. Temperatures will quickly dip into the upper 20s and low 30s across much of the area, making it feel more like a mid-winter night rather than a typical fall evening. Expect clear skies and a cool wind. So be sure to bundle up because this air is no joke.

(Photo by: Josiah Acheampong)


NOVEMBER 29, 2023


Morning: Like yesterday morning, morning temperatures will start out below freezing and with a breeze from the west, temperatures will feel about five degrees cooler than the actual temperature. Be sure to bring your warm coat as today will feel like yesterday, just with a slower northwesterly wind.

Afternoon: As lunchtime rolls around, temperatures will moderate to the upper 30s across much of the area. While it is still chilly outside, with winds not as gusty as yesterday, there will be a slight improvement. If you plan to go out grab your jacket too. However, with mostly sunny skies, the sun will help to provide some much-needed warmth.

Evening: With the clear skies any leftover daytime heating disappears. As a result, temperatures will sink into the low 30s by dinnertime. Be sure to grab your winter attire to stay warm as you head out for the evening.

(Photo by: Josiah Acheampong)


NOVEMBER 30, 2023


Morning: Brrrr! It is freezing out there. Morning temperatures will hover near freezing. This will cause frost to develop on grassy and colder surfaces. So, before you head out for work, school, or other morning errands, make sure to warm up your cars, so you do not walk into an icebox.

Afternoon: For the first time in days, temperatures will finally leave the 20s or 30s and make a run for the mid-40s across the tri-state. So, if you are walking from the Humanities to the Hub for lunch on campus, it will not be as blustery as it has been the last few days before. In addition, abundant sunshine will help make it feel bearable outside.

Evening: As usual, as the sun leaves, so does the warmth of the day. Temperatures will slip into the 30s as clearer skies remain. This will be a classic winter evening. However, make sure to enjoy your evening plans as rain returns to the area during the day tomorrow. This will certainly be an evening to wear your coats and hats as the cooler flow remains in effect.

(Photo by: Josiah Acheampong)


DECEMBER 1, 2023


Morning: Happy first day of December. During the morning hours, clouds will begin to increase ahead of our next storm system. Morning temperatures will be in the upper 30s and low 40s across the area. Considering those were our high temperatures not too long ago, progress is being made. Expect a mostly cloudy morning before rain enters the area for the afternoon and evening hours. So be sure to have an umbrella handy before leaving for work or any afternoon errands.

Afternoon: While the exact timing of this storm is still being worked out, during the afternoon rain showers will enter the area. It could be breezy at times for coastal areas as our storm system continues to develop. As the afternoon progresses, showers will become widespread and vary in intensity. However, temperatures will reach the upper 40s and low 50s across the area. So, if you are walking between classes or grabbing a bite at The Hub, be sure to dress appropriately to stay dry.

Evening: As the evening commute gets underway, some of the steadiest rain associated with this storm will fall. While rainfall totals are not clear, enough rain will fall to cause ponding on roadways and create a slow and dreary commute to end the work week. Expect a general quarter to half inch of rain. Of course, localized amounts can be higher. Plan and take your time as it may be difficult to navigate with downpours occurring during the height of traffic.

(Photo by: Josiah Acheampong)



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