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The Panther's Forecast 9/30-10/6

Updated: Oct 2

By Josiah Acheampong

Weekend clean-up! On the heels of record rainfall across the tri-state area, the next three days will provide clean up crews with the best kind of weather in order to begin recovery efforts from this massive flooding event. Is a post-summer warm up on the horizon?


SEPTEMBER 30, 2023


Another final batch of rain will move through the area during the morning hours. This will not be as extreme as the rain that fell throughout the area the day before. However, it could bring a few rain showers, dampening any morning outdoor activities that take place. As rain clears out from the area, clouds will linger, making the day seem dreary.

The drier weather will be much appreciated as Purchase’s Men Soccer team prepare to take on Maritime College at noon, the Women’s Tennis team takes on Manhattanville at 1 p.m. and Women’s Soccer team takes on City College at 2:30 p.m.

Expect a high temperature of 66°F and a low temperature of 55°F. With limited, if any, sunshine, it may be wise to bring a light jacket with you.

(Photo by: Josiah Acheampong)


OCTOBER 1, 2023


Sunday will mark the beginning of pleasant and unseasonably warm weather. With the absence of rain, clouds, or wind, the sun will penetrate the Purchase campus and the rest of the tri-state. With high temperatures in the mid to upper 70s around the tri-state area, it will give us a reminder of summer once again.

With this kind of warmth, this will help provide crews with pleasant conditions to continue any clean-up efforts that will be taking place in light of the torrential downpours that left major arteries of traffic and comerce flooded and filled with traffic. These will be perfect condtions for the Men & Women’s Cross Country teams that will be racing at 10 a.m.

Expect a high temperature of 75°F and a low temperature of 57°F.

(Photo by: Josiah Acheampong)

Record-breaking heat, clear skies, and calmer weather for most of the week before a cold front moves through the area on Friday, bringing more rain to the area. Will these warm temperatures & pleasant weather last or will autumn make its return?


OCTOBER 2, 2023


Monday will be another day with mostly clear skies and milder temperatures. It will be a pleasant day for outdoor sporting events and actvities. This is a day to bring out the shorts and short-sleeved shirts while the sun beats down on the Purchase campus.

Expect a high temperature of 76°F and a low temperature of 58°F.

(Photo by: Josiah Acheampong)


OCTOBER 3, 2023


Sun, sun, and more sun. Mostly sunny skies will blanket the campus. From Alumni Village to the Great Lawn, toward the outdoor seating in front of the Humanities Building, and everything in between will be a beautiful place to get work done. This should be good news for Purchase College Men’s Soccer team who play the team from Old Westbury at 7 p.m. during Senior Night at Purchase College.

With temperatures set to exceed 80 degrees, outdoor events and activities will be enjoyable. In addition, if our temperature exceeds 80 degrees, we will break the daily high temperature record set 40 years ago, back in 1983.

Expect a high temperature of 82°F and a low temperature of 62°F.

(Photo by: Josiah Acheampong)


OCTOBER 4, 2023


Like the last few days, sun will coat the Purchase Campus and the rest of the tri-state area. Outdoor eating options in Downtown White Plains or a trip to Central Park in Manhattan should be on the agenda. With temperatures in the upper 70s, it will feel very warm and be a wonderful day to be outdoors.

Expect a high temperature of 78°F and a low temperature of 59°F.

(Photo by: Josiah Acheampong)


OCTOBER 5, 2023


Another wonderful day to be outdoors. While temperatures cool down into the lower 70s, it will remain quite pleasant outside. So, as we approach midterms, try to take a walk around the Loop to get a mental break and break from the anxiety-filled days ahead. Or grab a blanket, get a snack, and lay out on the Great Lawn to decompress and relax.

Expect a high temperature of 72°F and a low temperature of 60°F

(Photo by: Josiah Acheampong)


OCTOBER 6, 2023


Once again, clouds will return to the campus and with it, a possibility of a passing shower. A cold front will be approaching the area bringing showers along with it. This means that the streak of clear and pleasant weather will end. Do not expect a full washout, however, it will be best to keep an umbrella and raincoat handy as we prepare to head into the wetter weekend. Pop-up showers will become more numerous throughout the day as the front approaches. Prepare for any outdoor sporting or activities to be postponed or cancelled.

A high temperature of 71°F and a low temperature of 60°F should be expected.

(Photo by: Josiah Acheampong)

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