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Theatre Histories II: Combining Topics and Interests

By Mackenzie Pharaoh

Professor Jordan Schildcrout photo via the Purchase College website

With summer quickly approaching and students registering for classes for fall 2023 students should be aware of some of the unique classes that are offered at Purchase like theatre histories II.

Theatre histories II is taught by Professor Jordan Schildcrout in the spring semesters at Purchase college.

The class is described on the Purchase College Website as, "Western and world theatre from the 17th to the 20th centuries. Playwrights, actors, directors, producers, and designers; neoclassicism, romanticism, realism, naturalism, expressionism."

“Not only was it a requirement for my theater major. I'm interested in history and I like that I could take a class with both of my interests,” said Nina Farduchi, a junior theater and performance Major. “I didn’t realize how history was so intertwined with theater.”

Professor Schidcrout has been at Purchase since 2011 and truly makes a great and positive environment for his students, they say.

“I do love the theater. I enjoy the material, I find it engaging and exciting,”Schidcrout said. “I love that every semester every class brings something new to it.”

Student Milly Garcia Arias, a junior theatre and performance major said, “The class is something that I was not expecting. There is a way that the professor teaches that makes it really fun and interesting to hear.” When asking Milly what she enjoys most about this class she responded, “When learning about a certain play, he really goes in depth and there is a certain emotion to each play that he is able to evoke.”

Faraduchi found herself excited by the mix of subjects and thinks anyone who feels the same would enjoy this class. “If students are interested in history it's another history course to take, and if you like theater you get to learn how history is so important to theater, and it's a great classroom environment,” she said.

Schildcrout wants prospective students to know “It doesn't matter if you've never done something theater related in high school, if it has always spoken to you, you should join.”

According to the Purchase College Website, "This course begins where THP 2885 [theatre histories I] leaves off, but either can be taken independently."

“Whether or not you have a deep love of the theater, I hope this course will have something to say to you and you have something to say to it,” said Schildcrout.



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