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Women’s Lacrosse Falls to USMMA During Culture Shock

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

By Jenna Mauriello

(left to right) Danielle Sarubbi and Maddy Mecca. (Via Purchase Athletics)

This weekend is Culture Shock at Purchase. The weekend began Friday afternoon and for most students here on campus, it’s a weekend to relax and let go. For the Women’s Lacrosse team, it is considered a tease. While they a play game, the first day of events are taking place.

The Lacrosse team lost 3-22 Friday at a 4 p.m. game. against the United States Merchant Marine Academy at the Purchase Lacrosse field. The game was played while Culture Shock was being held just a few yards away. Sophomore Madeline Mecca, who scored two of the three goals for the Panthers, said, “Having a game on Culture Shock is frustrating because this is the largest event our school has, and we don't get to participate the first night.”

Although Mecca is upset for not being able to attend the first day, she understands her obligation to her team and school. She said, “However, I know that I have made a commitment as an athlete to be at all of my games and practices but knowing that we went this entire week without any games until the first day of Culture Shock is a little bit frustrating.”

Senior Brianna Pirozzi is used to having a team obligation during at least one of the Culture Shock days. Although she is a little disappointed about having a game on Friday, Pirozzi continues to find the silver lining, she said “I am a little bummed out about having a game on Culture Shock, but it’s our senior night, so we have to make it special for our seniors so it’s not all that bad.”

The Lacrosse game lasted about 60 minutes, which gave the team the chance to catch the end of Culture Shock’s first day. Pirozzi said, “I plan to go to Culture Shock right after my game ends. It gives me something to look forward to.” Even though they have the chance, not all of them will be up for it. Mecca said, “I may not be going to Culture Shock after the game because I know that my body probably won't be able to handle it after playing a 60-minute game. Having such few players means that I am heavily relied upon by my teammates and coach which has caused a lot of strain on my body this past season.”



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