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Yancyabril Discusses Her New Single "Over You"

By Jordan Meiland

The artwork for "Over You." Photo courtesy of Yancy Garcia.

Yancy Garcia, a senior jazz performance major, released her new single titled “Over You” on May 12 under her artist name Yancyabril. The Beat spoke with her about the single, the recording process, and her future plans.

The Beat: “Over You” came out recently. How do you feel now that it’s out?

Yancy: I was super nervous to release the song because it was so vulnerable. I wasn't sure how people would react to it, but I didn't want to let it sit in my voice memos forever.

The Beat: Tell us about the song. What’s the story behind it?

Yancy: It was about a relationship I had with someone. I didn't want to let them go, especially because of my ego. I think we all have such big egos that it blinds us from what we actually need. I wrote it when I came back from New Orleans and felt very inspired. I'm really proud of this song.

The Beat: When did you start working on it? What did the recording process look like?

Yancy: I started working on it last year. I took it to the studio every week and laid down the guitar and vocals. However, I was never satisfied with it every time I finished. So, I decided to compose strings for it and add harmonies and I finally found what I was looking for in the song. The sessions were so much fun and I think I challenged myself vocally a little more especially since I hold back a lot in the studio.

The Beat: How does this song compare to your other music?

Yancy: I think it's pretty similar. I only have one other song out and compared to that one its very different but compared to my unreleased music, it's very similar.

The Beat: Were there any artists or other pieces of music you were inspired by when creating this song?

Yancy: I was inspired by Tori Kelly’s "Paper Hearts" song which is one of my favorites by her. You can totally hear the inspiration between the two songs.

The Beat: What’s your favorite part of the song?

Yancy: The bridge is definitely my favorite part of the song because of the major chord it goes into and the harmonies; it just felt so beautiful and right. It was the perfect way to do the bridge.

The Beat: Tell us a bit about the artwork that accompanies this song.

Yancy: A friend of mine and I had fun photo shoot way before I wrote the song and when I was close to finishing the recording, I wasn't sure what fit best. So, I went to that photoshoot and found the one that really felt matched the vibe of the song. I look like I'm in deep thought and holding myself isolated in the middle of a garden. I was like "that's the one." I started to mess around with the edits and the color and fonts of the title until it felt right.

The Beat: What genre would you classify the song as?

Yancy: I have always had a hard time classifying my music into a genre, but I guess the best way to describe it is Acoustic/soul.

The Beat: Describe the song in 3 words.

Yancy: Situationship, heartbreak, ego.

The Beat: What’s next for you, both musically and in general?

Yancy: I graduate this Friday so I'm excited about that. I'm going to continue working on some singles before dropping my EP and performing.

The Beat: Is there anything else you’d like to say or add?

Yancy: Stay tuned for more music!

You can find Yancyabril on Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.



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