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Your Cars Extended Warranty: 2021 New Media Senior Projects

Updated: May 11, 2021

by Leah Dwyer

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As the 2020-2021 semester comes to an end, senior projects are popping up everywhere at Purchase. ‘Your Cars Extended Warranty’ showcased some of the new media senior projects.

The event began with a showing of nine senior projects, each a non-interactive video.

The videos began with Jack Meisterich’s ‘Building in The Distance’, a video riddled with existential questioning, and ended with ‘We Matter’ by Jason Harrington, a political piece tackling his personal surrealism behind the current climate around people of color. Some videos between these include: ‘Washed Up Mess’, inspired by child actresses, by Christa McGuire, ‘Attention Reading Writing Repeat Word Sight Association’ by Jack Palmiotti, who says is a perspective of dyslexia on the mind, and ‘Support Our Whistleblowers’, in which a deep fake character is used to tell a story about whistleblowing, by Tom LaRosa.

Guests at the event were then treated to a live performance by Seamus Tynan. Tynan performed on four homemade instruments for about 10 minutes. The performance was completed with flashing lights and techno music. An experience that, as one guest put in the chat, “Feels like I’m in a corrupted Game Boy cartridge.”

The event ended with the opening and showing of the Your Cars Extended Warranty website. There you can find the entire spectrum of new media projects: from interactive video experiences, to video games, to instructions on how to build Tynan’s instruments, and view the videos that were shown during the event.

Once one clicks on the website you will be spammed with the works of the new media class of 2021 senior projects. The website displays the versatility and strengths of each senior in the program. It can be used to access and play the different games created, view the videos made, watch and interact with the art made by students, and a ton of other things.

Take a chance and pick up the phone, because the class of 2021 is contacting you about Your Cars Extended Warranty.



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