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Zombie Prom Performer Denied Entry to Campus by UPD

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

by Curtis Brodner

Photo via Brooklyn Vegan.

Rapper Maliibu Miitch was prevented from playing Zombie Prom last night by University Police officers who refused to allow her through the checkpoint at the front of campus due to a lack of photo identification, despite knowing about the event in advance.

The Purchase Student Government Association spent $2,000 of Mandatory Student Activity Fee funds on bringing Maliibu to Purchase and another $300 on transportation to campus for her and her manager, according to General Programming Coordinator Leo Frampton.

Ryan Wu, another of the General Programming Coordinators for the Stood, said he worked frantically alongside Maliibu’s manager to get her on stage after learning of the complications with UPD.

Wu said the police told him they couldn't let Maliibu in without photo identification.

“It seemed like it was a racial profiling thing,” Wu said.

Police Lt. Paul Fullshire requested a picture of Maliibu and another form of identification before she would be allowed to perform, according to Wu.

When Wu provided Fullshire with a photo and her W-9 tax form, which includes her full name and social security number, Fullshire further demanded a call from Antony Ware, the director of residential services, before he would allow Maliibu in.

Wu says Ware called around 10:45 at night. At that point it was too late though. According to Wu, Fullshire had decided that his decision was final and claimed that Maliibu was “throwing a temper tantrum" and would not be allowed in.

“It was a problem we were trying to solve for the entire student body,” said Wu. “It felt like a power trip, because they had everything they asked for.”

Frampton, described UPD as “fucking useless.”

“Thank you for keeping us safe from someone we paid $2,000 for,” he said.

Lieutenant Fullshire and Chief of Police Dayton Tucker have not yet responded to multiple requests for comment.



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